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  1. You know what, this is actually true. It's pretty crummy but people love a scandal.
  2. the safety provided in this situation is that any (probably male) colleague or professor that discovered said sex worker's identity would have to admit how they found it LOL. for this reason I'd say it's probably unlikely that this sorta thing gets exposed unless the person's like, at the top of the PH charts. but I'd definitely suggest stopping (if you can afford to) as soon as possible. It's just probably not a good idea to do it during any part of your medical career. with the whole #Medkini controversy that happened last year, it's clear women face some pretty stupid biases about show
  3. OSAP offers a lot of money for the vast majority of students, and a substantial amount of it is grants (i.e. you don't pay it back). This could be anywhere from $3K-$8K of the total funding based on students I've talked to. They also have additional scholarships you can apply for. They're hard to get, but not impossible and every bit helps (even though tuition is expensive, winning thousands of free dollars in any other context is literally winning the lottery lmao)
  4. this was what i was about to say. Family docs charge for giving 'doctors notes' all the time. They also charge incoming med students a crap ton for filling out their immunization forms too lmao
  5. I would recommend also applying to the Ontario Graduate Scholarship. With your GPA you should probably be able to land one of the two (at least off the waitlist, which forms because of how many people apply to both). As others have said though, it's subject to your committee, your competition, your institution and supervisor. So many factors are involved that it's always best to apply to any graduate scholarship you're eligible for and hope for the best! Edit: i just saw you mention CIHR, definitely apply for that if you can and any other funding opportunities you qualify for.
  6. i think it's fine if you pick back up from your 2014 degree. You would ideally want to do 2 or 3 years of full-time undergraduate studying (you can get away with part-time but you'll be ineligible for weighted GPA formulas at a lot of schools which can be helpful for giving your GPA an even bigger boost!). if you apply after completing 2 full-time years of your current undergrad, they should not consider your GPA from the first one...however don't take my word for it, consult the schools' websites for concrete info.
  7. your research and scholarship CV is amazing. from what i see of your GPA it's much too low to be competitive in Canada because I don't think a 2.9-3 meets the minimum cutoffs to be considered. I think a couple years of a new undergrad degree with really good grades would 'erase' your first undergrad and would give you a really good shot.
  8. most of the "my life as a ____ student/profession" social media accounts i see are just people feeding their inner narcissists rather than useful/productive use of social media. there are a few exceptions (ali abdaal's youtube channel is pretty great for people genuinely curious about pursuing medical education) but aside from those i think most med social media is pretty useless lol
  9. Hearing weird things about peoples' backgrounds being changed and wondering if I should beware before downloading onto my new Mac?
  10. Also worth noting that if you do a research-based master's, you will have good opportunities to publish articles - each of which would be a separate entry in OMSAS.
  11. Unless you have a basically bulletproof plan for paying for/maintaining the property when/if you leave that city, it sounds like a lot of stress to put on yourself when you should be 100% focused on your medical education and well-being.
  12. interesting you should say that, I am choosing between Scotia (great program of course) - whose rep is very nice but not someone i actually know - and RBC, whose rep is a family friend of mine who is very well-versed in advising medical students/staff because they both have ~equivalent nice bonus points packages (up to 45000 bonus pts at each), im weighing the $300 cash bonus from Scotia with the potential ease/hook-ups that having familiarity would give me long-term. from the looks of it, rmorelan, you'd probably suggest going with RBC eh?
  13. oh that's great. although, all this competition makes it quite hard to pick a bank LOL
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