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  1. I would echo outpatient or ER psych, as above. The others that I found to be super helpful, related and interesting were 1) Peds EM (def more relevant and better hours than Peds CTU, with a really high volume of common presentations), 2) Addictions Med and 3) Palliative. A rural FM rotation is always solid too, especially if you get to do a mix of clinic/inpatient/ER/labor and delivery. I've heard that things like ENT, derm and optho can be quite useful but I found these hard to get.
  2. Definitely interesting to consider. I've heard from a few people who've seen this attempted in other provinces that it's unlikely to proceed given the innumerable things that will preclude it from being successful (e.g. new family grads just going one province over and taking one of the countless other urban job offers, rather than going rural). But, this government is doing a lot of things that aren't based on reality +/- good evidence, so who knows. I know for myself as a potential AB FM graduate, I'll be one of the many who will just move a province over if this bill does pass, as I d
  3. Depends on your risk tolerance! I mean 80-some percent of fam med applicants match to top three (I think, someone can correct me if I'm wrong), but there's always some that go far down the list or don't match at all. I am quite risk-averse and open to going anywhere over not matching, so applied broadly and plan to attend all interviews and rank every program and site. That'll give about 15 to my rank-list, maybe more if there are more options to add sites after interviews. Best of luck!
  4. Hey, Since it seems to take quite some time for everything to go through so that you can schedule your exam date, I haven't been able to lock one down as of yet. Just wondering based on past years' experience whether it's difficult to get your desired date? Say, if there are multiple available dates in April now, how likely are these to book up? Wondering if it would be best to hold off on travel plans for now. Thanks!
  5. I guess I take issue (not that anyone cares) with several folks here responding just to say that OP should quit medicine. The original question was whether ppl have advice on whether fam med might be a better choice than a specialty, and seeking others who have been in this situation. Instead there are a bunch of folks making values judgements about how they would quit medicine if this were them. You don't know what you would do until you're in this position, and is that really helpful or productive commentary to offer here? I just want to make sure OP knows that not all future col
  6. A lack of empathy likewise limits one's ability to provide adequate care.
  7. What an incredibly bad take. It's not about 'choosing to let a diagnosis limit you', it's about understanding the realities of an illness (physical as it relates to medication side effects, and psychiatric as it relates to triggers). The reality is, fam med has a shorter duration of training, including the odd program with no overnights at all, and more flexibility in practice. Don't be discouraged, OP. You're the only one who gets to decide what you want your future to look like.
  8. School interviewing at: McMaster Specialty: Fam Med Current interview date: January 25th Date would like to switch to: January 24th Any additional notes: Double-booked on the 25th, would love to be able to do both interviews! Thanks.
  9. For UBC fam med, looks as if there are four interview dates but open houses on only two of the four- if you end up with a date with no open house (e.g. in Victoria), do you just not really get a chance to hear individual site presentations? Any other disadvantages?
  10. I would be a millionaire if I was adopted by Jeff Bezos but here I am, eating ramen with holes in my underwear. Also, please remember that us SK IP-ers had to GROW UP IN PLACES LIKE REGINA AND PRINCE ALBERT. Our weekends were spent staring at wheat and wondering if trees only existed in storybooks. If that's not unjust then I don't know what is.
  11. First in Canada to be put on probation twice ba-by!! (but yes I do see what you're trying to do here, and 1) so does McGill, and 2) I have a history of being an infant but that doesn't mean I'm not currently an adult)
  12. Holy heck a lot of commenters here shitting on uSask. Ya, there's a smaller population and therefore less competition. Doesn't make us or the program any lesser-than. We're going to be your colleagues one day- try some professionalism, you might like how it feels.
  13. Thanks so much! That's what I was hoping to hear, but couldn't recall what instructions get sent to refs. Appreciate the reply.
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