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  1. Yes just got it a few minutes ago ... how does that work for applying next cycle?
  2. Nothing new to report over here... just wondering how everyone is doing. Side bar: does anyone think Canadian MD schools are going to extend their MCAT date because of COVID stuff?
  3. I am trying not to lose hope but it's difficult not to speculate with the lack of information we are working with. Hope everyone is doing okay!
  4. On behalf of your fellow waitlisters, we appreciate the info and I think I speak for all of us when I say congrats on the acceptance! We are hoping to hear some good news soon but we aren't sure what to make of the low # of WL acceptances posted in the thread in terms of what our chances are . Thank you for the positive words of encouragement!
  5. I hope that all of us get in so we can have a pre-formed study group
  6. That is awesome that you have kept them in the loop - I am sure they really appreciate that. Though I have not been in your position, I totally understand that feeling of not wanting to go against your word/ a commitment you made to someone. Does anyone on this thread, or others, know of people who contemplated PhD vs. med and chose one over the other? I know the odds are slim to none, but have you contacted someone in the admissions office about it? A phone call might be better so you can have a real conversation and maybe they would be able to sympathize a bit with your dilemma. I know
  7. What are those who don't have any masters/PhD plans thinking of doing before applying next year? And @denden that is a really tough situation. Do you have a good enough relationship with your PI that you could voice your concern to them and give them a little heads up that it is possible something like that could happen?
  8. MAYBE TODAY WILL BE OUR DAY. sorry - i had a big iced coffee this morning
  9. I have no idea what to think... I just wonder how many people have actually received waitlist offers compared to how many we have seen posted? (3 total, right?) I wish we knew the # of declines and offers sent out so far total. It's hard to keep waiting with no certainty of anything. But hey, we're all in it together. I hope we all get the news we want to hear soon
  10. Do we have any guesses as to how far down the waitlist will go/ how deep in to which group they will send offers based on the last few years numbers?
  11. Super slooths! Thank you for sharing this! It never ceases to amaze me how much this forum can build up or destroy my hopes with a few posts lol. I am glad ya'll figured it out!
  12. Is it possible the 11-130 vs 11-131 correspond to the different interview days? There were some saturday and some sunday interviews right?
  13. Are we thinking offers will start coming on the 25th/26th? Sorry if seeing this post caused a mini heart attack. Just going a little stir crazy
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