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  1. Yea I want to get the prereqs done in the spring so I can use them for next cycle! And apparently the take home labs do replace the lab component and count as a full lab section. For org chem you have to be in Edmonton though for an in class sessions (4 day intensive labs).
  2. What troubles me is the timeline. With online courses I can get them done at my time asap (i.e. starting Dec 1). But if I go to a local university with some of their prereq/coreqs or availability issues, I would get them done by September at the earliest. Athabasca sends you lab kits for home labs! Which is convenient in a way I guess. At this point the prereqs aren’t even for learning for me. It’s literally to fill in the missing pieces. When I go back to register for courses it says I’m not eligible
  3. You're right. It looked too sketchy for me. I am looking into courses with Athabasca but I see that many US medical schools do not accept credits from online institutions (according to MSAR) Maybe I should email them and confirm
  4. I was gonna drop by their office tomorrow to see how legit it was, maybe I shouldn't even waste my time on that? I was looking at Ryerson but the course schedules overlap so much that it would take me forever to get all my pre-reqs done. Would you recommend Athabasca? I heard I can even get lab courses done through them. Not clear on how they work though.
  5. Is that what most people do? When I look at the pros/cons: Going back to University of Toronto: Pros: Valid institution, better learning experience ; Cons: Notorious for hard courses (afraid GPA might drop) (English courses for pre-req may be difficult) Going to external institution: Pros: Easier courses, fast pace so I can get through courses faster (5 weeks compared to whole semester) ; Cons: Not a proper university, potential for sketchiness Also, at UofT there is a limit of 6.0 credits of 1st year level courses you can take (which I used up all of) , and if
  6. I received my bachelor's degree back in April 2018 and after 2 failed med school application cycles in Canada I turned to US MD and DO schools. I realized I am missing many prerequisite courses (i.e. English + some lab courses) and was looking into post-bacc programs that could help me get the missing credits and apply to the US. Are there any post-bacc programs (with labs, so assuming I cannot do online) that you guys would recommend? I've heard of a lot of shady programs so I'm looking for some feedback. I found https://www.medschoolimg.com/premed-postbaccalaureate this progr
  7. I'm missing English but I'm afraid I might bomb it lol. Also some lab based courses like physics and chem (I took a full year non lab physics course and most of my chem courses were non lab as well). So in my case I should just enrol in some courses at my undergraduate institute? Or should I try looking at smaller colleges if that makes getting grades easier? I'm wondering if this is all worth it because going back to take prereqs would only aid in going to the US, and I'm wondering if my GPA would even be competitive in the Canadian/International pool
  8. I have, and talked to doctors who recommended it.. until I realized I didn't have the prereqs. Prereqs reaalllyyy killing my options in the US If i wanted the meet the prereqs would I have to go back to undergrad? Confused on how that works or if that's even allowed at this stage (ie. going back to take some first year courses; but this might actually be bad since they're low level courses(?))
  9. Thank you for the advice Do you think my GPA is too low to keep trying? I'm worried they just may be futile attempts. That's why I was considering Grad School to maybe help me get into UofT. I was planning on retaking the MCAT for a 128+ CARS regardless
  10. Hello everyone, I am a Canadian applicant who graduated in 2018 with a 3.69 cGPA/3.8 GPA to Western/Queen's & 3.7 GPA to US schools. My MCAT is 516 (129/127/130/130) (2019) (Past: 509, 512) and I have a very strong EC and research experience with no publications. I had no interview invites the last 2 years (Canada & US) and I'm afraid it was due to my low GPA for Canadian schools. For US schools, my options were very limited as I did not meet some course pre-reqs, and I understand space is limited for Canadian applicants. I feel like I'm getting no where in my 3rd a
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