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  1. I just firmly accepted my UWO PT offer. I had a question, do I have to send them my transcripts again? I sent them originally when I applied via ORPAS in January and since I finished school in December, I am unsure if they even require a second copy of my transcript. I tried emailing their admission email but still no reply. Thanks in advance!
  2. Do I have to send my transcript in again for PT school if I had graduated in December?
  3. does anyone know what happens if we provisionally accept an offer and end up getting off the waitlist? Will they automatically dismiss us from the school we initially got accepted to or will they allow us some time to choose between the two?
  4. i didnt get the chance to check out the queens PT open house on zoom. If anyone has, could you share a bit about what they said they'd do for the fall semester
  5. Will our final transcripts be submitted automatically to the schools we end up choosing? I know offers are conditional, I'm just unsure if we have to do anything else on our part to ensure they're sent.
  6. Is there anyway to determine how many people are wait listed? Or does anyone know if the waitlist moved at all last year?
  7. I haven't yet. Hopefully hear back tomorrow but apparently last year there was zero movement on waitlist for UofT PT. Hopefully things change this year but who knows.
  8. Hey guys, making this for those waitlisted at Uoft for PT.
  9. Has anyone else not heard back from UofT PT? No rejection/waitlist email or an acceptance?
  10. Accepted to Western and Queens PT. UofT and Mac PT are both blank under offers. Does anyone know if that means waitlisted? sGPA: 3.89
  11. So to confirm, UofT sent you a rejection email? Would i assume I'm waitlisted if i didnt get a rejection email or an admission offer?
  12. does anyone know what is considered waitlist? is it when ORPAS has it blank under offer?
  13. Is anyone else unable to login to Acorn using their highschool credentials? Has anyone figured out why some people are able to and others aren't?
  14. Congrats! So weird cause I'm trying to use my highschool login credentials but it won't work.
  15. I tried activating my account from 5 years ago but for some reason it wont let me activate it. Did you apply for an undergraduate program back then?
  16. Just to confirm for PT in Ontario, will we find out about decisions on May 29th at midnight (12:00am)?
  17. Really? I applied to Western PT but do not recall getting an email about activating my account. When did you receive your email?
  18. can someone provide some insight on the Mac PT interview outline. I know interviews span from Feb 29th-March 8th, are they giving you a specific time and date to complete the interview or can you pick anytime within those dates? Thanks in advance!
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