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  1. Possibly! I’m in the first half. But who knows!
  2. Current med1; my verifiers were contacted in December
  3. I’m a current med1 at Dal, and my MCAT scores never displayed as “verified,” so try not to worry about it. Start prepping for interviews instead! Best of luck!
  4. It’s okay to let the school know that you struggled. That’s part of who you are, and likely something that motivates you. There are parts of my story that I didn’t include (I did not go into graphic detail), but I said what needed to be said to explain myself. A lot depends on how you write about it—don’t overdo it, but don’t be afraid to write something raw. I’m happy to read your essay when you have a draft, and provide feedback, if you’d like.
  5. Part of my essay was about my experience growing up in poverty and domestic violence, and how this experience has shaped who I am today. It was not a sob story; I need no pity nor sympathy. I wrote about this to explain why I took so long to get to medicine (older med student), how it motivates me to improve patient care and better support the communities I wish to serve as a doctor, and why being a doctor is the best way for me to do so. It was very hard to write about, and it was extremely personal, at times embarrassing. But it is part of what drives me every day, so I had to include i
  6. I only wrote bullet points, and then spent months worrying that I should written more (I was accepted). I’m speculating here, but I would imagine that writing in narrative form could be tedious for the reviewers unless you really get to the point. I have no idea what my score was, only that I was accepted, so take my thoughts on this with a grain salt.
  7. Mine never updated! I just kinda had to trust the system, but it worked!
  8. The interest rate is annual, calculated daily, and compounded monthly; if your balance remained the same for the duration of a 30 day month, your interest calculation can be simplified like this: balance * rate/365 * days_in_month So if your opening balance at the start of the month is $100, and remains the same, you’ll end the month with a new balance of $100.33. $100 + 100*0.04/365*30 = $100.33
  9. Call admissions, explain your situation, and see if they can work something out!
  10. Dollar Limits for Full-Time B.C. Student Loans: The lifetime maximum for British Columbia Student Loans is $50,000. Dollar Limits for Full-Time Canada Student Loans: The lifetime maximum for Canada Student Loans is $71,400. Per https://studentaidbc.ca/sites/all/files/form-library/studentguide.pdf
  11. Absolutely. I included achievements that were a required function of my employment.
  12. Are your practice scores of 515 on AAMC tests or third-party? I also scored lower on my actual exam than I did on practice tests, I think that’s fairly common. I don’t think a 503 is going to make or break your application. The difference between a 515 and a 503 is probably about 3 or 4 points out of 100 (based on prior speculation on this forum about Dal MCAT assessment). Every other component of your application is worth more than the MCAT. Ultimately, will getting a higher MCAT score help you sleep better, or are you comfortable with the rest of your application (ECs, essay, CASPe
  13. Which was your most recent score? I would check with Dal to see if they require your most recent MCAT, or if you can choose a prior score. I believe the AAMC gives them all of your exam scores and dates, but different schools assess multiple scores differently. If given the choice, I would personally elect to share a more well-rounded score with higher CARS, but this is purely my subjective opinion since we have no idea how Dal actually assesses the MCAT. Do keep in mind that it is worth very little of your overall application score (10%, per the website), and either way your scores
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