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    Thanks everyone! Really appreciate the encouragement 
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    Do it!
    I have a BFA from NSCAD, and I have been accepted into Dal Med class of 2024. I had zero science exposure, but I booked an MCAT, bought the box of Kaplan books, set a schedule, and made it happen.
    Anki was a big help, UWorld is amazing, and Khan Academy, Wikipedia, and YouTube filled in the gaps. Buy the AAMC practice tests and do them in the weeks leading up to the exam, then after each practice review every question (look for MCAT review spreadsheet templates) to pinpoint where you need to focus.
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    Hey everyone! I’ve been lurking for years and waffling over taking the MCAT for a looong time. I think I’m ready to take the plunge. When I think about what I really want to do with my life, I always come back to medicine.
    The catch is: I have a bachelor or arts degree and a master of fine arts. The only science courses I took during my degrees were psychology. Basically, I loved high school bio, chem and physics and did very well, but sunk all my attention into the social sciences and fine arts in uni. I don’t have thousands of dollars kicking around to take prep courses and am worried that self-teaching myself foundational science in order to even study for the MCAT will be a waste of time if I’m going to fail anyway.
    I have a strong GPA and strong, relevant ECs and have confidence that I could kill an interview. Basically the only thing standing in my way is the MCAT—go figure! 
    I realize this probably sounds silly. Anyway, I know that if medicine is what I want to do,   I absolutely have to suck it up and do whatever it takes to nail the MCAT. 
    I guess I’m trying to put out feelers to see if anyone’s been in the same boat. Do you have any advice for someone starting from ground-zero science-wise? What are the best study materials to spend my money on? I appreciate any advice or good vibes! 
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    Osmosis subscription was so useful during pre-clerkship, I wish I got it sooner...for students who are non-trad and don't have a science background like me, it was a life saver. 
    Toronto Notes is great for clerkship.
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    dh. reacted to RichardHammond in Things you wish you knew before you started med   
    When deciding on a specialty, be careful not to confuse your excitement with getting to do new things as your calling to a particular specialty. For example, on your emerg rotation your staff will be like "have you ever sutured before? no? go try on that dude's face" and you'll feel like a badass cowboy and think emerg is your calling. But 20 years into your career, you will not find half the things that excited you in medical school remotely interesting. Instead, try to see parts of a specialty you hate because they often don't go away or even get worse (e.g. call requirements, shift work, etc.)
    Lots of good advice from others above. +1 for the following:
    Form a good friends/social circle Try to get exposure early on to different specialties before clerkship Think about CaRMS EARLY Start research/gunner activities early if you're even remotely thinking about something competitive. Otherwise, enjoy your summers.
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    dh. reacted to insomnias in Love in the Time of C[OVID-19]holera   
    My suggestion: you and your ex-gf had been dating for at least 4 (possibly more) years, and you only broke it off last month. Take at least a month to process this and sort of wallow in the loneliness. This is an admittedly terrible time to be lonely, but unless you're 100% over that relationship, it's not really super healthy to pursue anything right now. Especially not with a classmate with whom you may be stuck for the next 3+ years. You need to regain that sense of self you might've lost during the relationship
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    Hi everyone - I recently returned to the Premed 101 forums, and I can't believe the thread that I started in 2011 is still going strong.   I have now been a neurology attending for 6 months (private practice), so I thought I'd share some light.
    Neurology residency can be BUSY.  It all depends on your program.  At mine, the residents took stroke call and were the main tPaers.  Thus when you were on call, you would likely be up all night (especially now as there is no stroke window).  But I know that at a lot of other programs, stroke call is mostly done by fellows.
    Neurology is somewhat unique in the sense that depending on what field you subspecialize in (and there is no pressure to), you can have a very different career and do work that in no way resembles another neurologist (i.e. movement disorders bears very little resemblance to neuromuscular).  I'm an MS specialist and really enjoy it and most of my colleagues would say the same - neurology is a fun field.  If you don't work in a hospital it's all 9 - 5.  Either in an academic or community hospital setting it can be very busy.  In general, one's billing will range from $300,000 - $650,000 depending (for example some people choose to do all EMG all the time.  Of course, that's near the 650k mark.  Conversely if you are a cognitive neurologist, you'll be lucky if you clear 300k).  And after expenses and income tax your take home will be about 60% of your gross billings.
    I hope that's helpful!  As an aside, a VERY VERY long time ago here, I posted about the terrible selection of neurology/neuroanatomy books available.  This frustration only grew as I went along in my career, and so I decided to write my own.  You can find it here - I would really, really value anyone's/everyone's feedback if they happen to pick it up.
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    dh. reacted to shikimate in Do med students become less empathetic as they progress in training?   
    I think it's the occasional bad apple that ruins the bunch. Most patients are fine, but one bad patient encounter will foul your mood for rest of the day! It's hard to avoid as student and resident because you have no control over your schedule, and even as attending sometimes "bad apples" are dumped onto you. So I think it's very important to have something outside medicine to keep you "refreshed" so when you start the next day your mind is clear. Maybe go for jog or bike ride, play sports, play music, whatever can help you clear your mind. Don't let the bad experiences linger, move on, physicians are humans too and it's dangerous to let bad patients and experiences drag you into a hole.
    I've seen people whose entire life is revolves around medicine, it's so embedded, engrossed, it's like medicine phagocytosed them! I always wonder how will they cope if one day they wake up and medicine has changed for them? For example didn't match into their desired residency, or got into medico-legal trouble, or got disabled and cannot practice anymore, or become burned out and depressed they cannot practice anymore. Would their life have any meaning left? Would their minds be able to move on? Would they be willing to pack up their box and direct their energy to excel in another field? 
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    dh. got a reaction from Loading... in Dalhousie Course load Requirements   
    You have to submit a short additional statement explaining your circumstances, if I recall correctly max 300 words.
    GPA is then considered in the following manner, per Dal admissions page:
    Baccalaureate Degree with Request for Exemption from Full Courseload, there is 1 GPA calculation option:
    a) Overall GPA is dertmined by the alpha-numerical course grades for the most recent senior level 60 credit hours.  The minimum GPA must be met in each of two successive 30 credit hours. 
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    dh. reacted to JohnGrisham in Do med students become less empathetic as they progress in training?   
    Depends.  I definitely didn't but i did become more blunt as time goes on and knowing when to look out for myself more than others. Though i've also come to look out more for those earlier on in the process as well, more.

    Being blunt, and perhaps standing up for yourself more and cutting out the riff-raff, doesn't mean you can't still be empathetic though.  I think the sooner medical students realize everything isn't rainbows and sunshine, and removing medicine from a pedestal, the easier the process is to actually tolerate and enjoy.  Same goes for understanding that you can't please everyone, especially not a unnecessarily cranky consultant at 2am who doesn't want to talk to the med student/resident, and that their frustrated expression isn't always your fault or your own inadequacies(thought certainly sometimes this IS true, but shouldn't be the default assumption)...and that there just so happens to be a none-zero number of socially stunted or inflated-egos in medicine in the real world after training.   
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    I on the other hand am hoping for blue or grey 
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    I voted for orange. Hope you guys get orange haha ;)
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    Was the poll through CMA?
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    dh. got a reaction from eye_guy in Shortened MCAT   
    I just want to wish you all luck. We're living in some pretty wild times, and this is not the sort of stress you want to have added to what—for me at least—felt like the biggest day of my life. You have every right to be frustrated.
    I could be totally wrong here, but I'm pretty sure the AAMC doesn't want to fail a whole year of applicants (the authority of their exam depends on scores aligning to the curve they've created). They have a very large body of data about their exam—how difficult each question is, how much time it takes people to complete, and I imagine they will be using this to make the exam as fair as possible given the new constraints.
    Again, I wish you luck. I have much respect for everyone writing the MCAT this year, and I think the resilience of your cohort will show in the years to come.
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    dh. reacted to rmorelan in Insurance On Line Of Credit?   
    another one - really don't know where that is coming from.
    It isn't bad at all but more importantly you have to get informed about what a good insurance policy is so you can decide that yourself   You cannot ever trust anyone else really to set up your finance the right way for you. If you do then you basically end up with the equivalent of someone at a bank telling you need something you don't need or WORSE not telling you do need something when you do actually need it (like disability insurance). The more I see about things like this the MORE I just think you have to protect yourself and get the basics done (why, oh why, isn't this taught in school).
    things to look for:
    indexed for inflation - you just have to have this. Nothing worse than earning LESS year after year after year........as inflation erodes your income. Inflation is the big enemy of any fixed payment system. No the amount has to rise each year to match inflation
    own occupation - you need it to insure you if you cannot be a doctor. Many policies will insure you only if you cannot work. Well that isn't good enough - if you get MS and cannot be a surgeon you don't want them to say well you can work at a call centre so you don't need insurance money. Hell no on that one.
    guaranteed renewable - you want to be able to renew the insurance policy regardless of you health state at the time of renewing - You don't want to find out you have MS 3 days before your policy is due up, and then have to disclose that followed by them not renewing. Oh no, you want that renewal.
    right to increase it without requiring a medical as you advance in training. For instance as a med student the amount is often capped a relative low amount, rises to over 4K a month in residency, 9K as a fellow and 25K a money as a staff - all tax free money. You want the ability to pay more to get more as you decide in your policy. Otherwise you can have all the above but it is still locked at say 4K when you are a staff. Nope. Not good enough.
    does your policy have those things? Then and only then start comparing the costs between policies. Get that and being disabled would at least not be financially destructive.
    You won't be stuck on the side lines with a 200K debit and no way to pay it off. Reading the fine print is a bit boring but you only have to do it once and then you are set for life. One less thing to worry about.
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    dh. reacted to colta in Starting from the bottom at 30   
    @Birdy Thank you for commenting. I've read you blog front to back a few times over. It's been a constant source of inspiration for me when things feel a bit too big. 

    I'm a fellow maritimer (New Brunswick... used to spend all my summers in Crapaud) and it's been awesome to see you go from a premed student and a mom to a doctor and still an awesome mom. 

    Life unfortunately got in the way with me starting school next fall, but I'm still plugging away and will be starting Sept 2021. In a way I'm really happy that I'll be starting from square one at this age. I feel like I have a very clear path, I know what I want and I know how I'm going to execute things. I guess with age comes some clarity, lol. 

    Thank you all for the comments! I can't wait to get my undergrad going and start looking at applying for medical school!
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    dh. reacted to canada747 in First Semester   
    Update: I'm a second year medical student now.
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    dh. reacted to med13568 in Accepted/Rejected/Deferred/Waitlisted for Current Applicants   
    Received an acceptance on the 15th!
    IP (NS)
    GPA: 4.0
    MCAT: 510
    Extracurriculars: Varsity sports, school-based community service, music
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    dh. reacted to Musitall in Accepted/Rejected/Deferred/Waitlisted for Current Applicants   
    Late to the party but received acceptance on the 15th.
    IP applicant
    GPA: 3.9
    MCAT: >515
    Everything else: Diverse range of community service involvement, extracurricular activities, and business activities. Student leader, program leader, and was financially successful in business venture. 
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    dh. reacted to HPP in Accepted/Rejected/Deferred/Waitlisted for Current Applicants   
    I am a NS IP applicant with a GPA of 3.9 and MCAT score of 503. This was my third application.
    1st one I was waitlisted with a score of 65.76 
    2nd one, waitlisted with a score of 69.84
    3rd one: Accepted
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    dh. reacted to dankmeme in Admission requirements confusion?   
    Thank you for saying this. I think a lot of the people who are upset are missing this point. In-progress degrees show up on your transcript, which are available for the entire admission committee to see. And these students are just as deserving as others to get in.
    Additionally...this is just my understanding, but I had applied a few times over the years and I remember this still being the rule on the website. Back then when I inquired about it, it was for your FIRST undergrad (i.e. this is why Dal doesn't accept 3rd year undergrads, unlike schools like uOttawa), OR for graduate school. I don't know if this rule includes a second undergrad like pharmacy. Again, it would make sense that it wouldn't include a second undergrad, as GPA calculation would not be possible using 1st or 2nd year pharmacy grades (unless this changed recently). So, the rule is not really being broken at all in that case.
    On a last note, guys, please be kind to each other; we're all going to be colleagues eventually. Calling for the removal of students from their acceptance spot is essentially witch-hunting and is not the kind of culture that I think most people in medicine want to see. If you truly feel this was a major error that caused you not to get accepted (despite a year or two of pharmacy likely not adding much to the subjective process of grading admissions), or if this misunderstanding has majorly impacted your career/life, then go ahead and contact them to fix this for next year's cycle. My honest belief is that no foul play is involved and student affairs is well aware of each pharmacy applicants situation and is okay with it.
    Edit: Just saw the post above me, which echoes what I wrote. The rule isn't being applied to second undergrads. 
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    Im a current pharmacy student and I know both pharm students who got accepted. In pharm there are 95 seats and maybe 50 jobs available for graduates. If people leave for med school that actually benefits us because it gives us better job opportunities. As well,  one of the pharm students that got accepted is my close friend.  If anyone deserves a spot at dal med its her. She is the smartest person I've ever met and works unbelievably hard. She has earned her acceptance just like anyone else. I truly think she will make an amazing doctor. The fact that people are rallying to try to take away her spot is disgusting to me. She has worked so hard over so many years to get accepted. She applied fairly. Think about the fact that these are real people who just achieved their dreams before you try to take it away from them. 
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    IP (NS) Accepted!
    GPA: 3.9; MCAT: 509; EC: widespread, long-term commitments
    Things still feel surreal, especially since it was my first-time applying. Best of luck to those on the waitlist!
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    Not to disagree with anything that’s been said here, but before anyone gets too worked up, it’s probably important to remember that literally the only parties who know the true details of any individual application are the applicant themselves, and the admissions committee. This particular case sounds unfair, (and maybe it is!), but none of us have all the information to make a call on how “deserving” or not some applicants are.
    As someone who used to work in the general university admissions office, I can absolutely guarantee that there is no possible way to hide the fact that you attended Dalhousie Pharmacy....from the Dalhousie Admissions team. They have access to your official transcripts, in addition to your internal Dalhousie account and record, so it’s not just as simple as omitting your Pharmacy grades when you’re asked to submit your grades. Is it possible someone made a mistake? Sure, and that’s where they reserve the right to rescind the offers.
    By all means, feel free to send an email asking for clarification, but this thread has a lot of anecdotal assumptions, which is just something to be aware of!
    To be clear - I’m fully on board with respecting the admissions requirements, and that by deliberately misrepresenting your application, you should be disqualified in favour of a more ethical candidate, but again, we are only seeing a small portion of the total picture here.
    You don’t need to throw away your pitchforks just yet, but let’s hold off on lighting any torches?
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    dh. reacted to h.pylori in Accepted/Rejected/Deferred/Waitlisted for Current Applicants   
    IP (NB)
    GPA- 3.8
    MCAT- 514
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