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  1. me too. 100%. all the social activities and connections that i would have formed and would have made the difficult times bearable are not available. i am so burnt out, lonely, and isolated. i feel like im still grieving the loss of what could've been, what was supposed to be. starting med school + covid has shot my mental health right into the shitter
  2. School: McMaster Year (1 or 2): 1 Lecture delivery method (online/ in person/ other [please explain]): online tutorials (PBL) and online live and archived lectures Shadowing/clinic visits delivery method (online/ in person/ other [please explain]): not permitted, some electives may begin March 2021 Clinician skills delivery method (online/ in person/ other [please explain]): fully online, in person 1x/week starting January 2021 Research delivery method (online/ in person/ other [please explain]): online
  3. Unless you screw up CASPer, your MCAT and GPA are stellar and will likely get an interview. To maximize your chances, do everything you can to try to increase your typing speed before the test!
  4. Which schools have firmly decided on the plan post January and what are the decisions? Completely online, completely in person, or hybrid? What are your schools doing right now?
  5. Officially taken myself off the WL to accept Mac. My fingers are crossed for you guys!
  6. Like I’m sure they’re not send out a ton of offers and there’s a chance that the few who received them are not on this forum but THOSE R SMALL ODDS RIGHT I am very antsy
  7. I’m gonna hold out until 3 and then call it a day. If anyone wants to volunteer tho...
  8. Really need someone to say something so I can stop reloading my email...
  9. Is it ridiculous to call admissions and try to figure out your odds????
  10. Thought so. Definitely not going to gamble, was just planning to wait until the 28th (have until June 3) but was wondering if pushing it back a little more would make sense.
  11. I got off the waitlist for Mac but am hoping to hold on a little longer in hopes of queens. If I don’t get an offer during this upcoming wave, are my chances then much lower?
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