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  1. Also late to the forums but I was accepted April 15th IP (PEI) MCAT: 506GPA: 3.6 See everyone in Halifax!
  2. Result: Accepted! Timestamp: 9:31 am 2YRS: 3.8 MCAT: 506 In-person or Virtual: In-person Geography: OOP Just declined my offer (20ish mins ago), as I will be attending Dal. Good luck to everyone on the waitlist, Queens is an amazing school!
  3. Status: Invite Time Stamp: 03/02/2020 - 12:17PM Location: OOP Stream: MD MCAT: 125/127/127/127 (506) cGPA: 3.6 Current year: 4th year ECs: Clinical research, various poster presentations at conferences, varsity and national team athletics, various volunteering endeavors, various sports related national awards There is hope for us with low MCAT and GPAs!
  4. PEI applicant, just got an interview!! GPA: 3.8 (course-load exception) MCAT: 506 (125/127/127/127)
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