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  1. For those that have extensive volunteering experiences, did you plan from highschool or take a couple years off after undergrad to get such experiences? I started volunteering in 2016 in undergrad, did a fifth year and graduated in June (have this year off), and I still haven't accumulated nearly as many hours/volunteer experiences as some have on here. My grades are good but I am really starting to wonder if I have a chance
  2. Ok thanks so much! And we are eligible for OSAP if we go to school out of province, correct?
  3. Is it possible to wait till May until we hear back from the Canadian schools and then apply for UK schools for Jan 2021 entry or would they close by then?
  4. On the Dal online application did you put in the mailing address of your referee in the first box and e-mail address in the second box? I'm a bit confused because there is a mandatory box that says "Address of your first referee*" and then the optional box right under it says "For electronic reference letters only, enter your first referee's accredited institution e-mail address".
  5. Do you have a link to it? I can't find information on it anywhere except for mention of an Ontario Graduate Scholarship!
  6. Is anybody else finding it difficult to fit their experiences on the resume for U of T and Queens occupational therapy? Are you guys just putting the basics and then going into detail on the personal statement? Just edited this- I meant for the occupational therapy application.
  7. Oh ok. I'm from Ontario so likely can only receive support from the Ontario government.
  8. This may be a silly question, but are graduate students eligible for OSAP? I searched it up but can't seem to find anything about OSAP and graduate studies. If not, how did all you current students fund your OT/PT programs? For the out of province applications (UBC, Manitoba, Dalhousie) I am supposed to answer how I plan to fund my education.
  9. Hey, how did you calculate your UBC average? They told me that they don't release the conversion scales/tables to the public (for OT program).
  10. Hi, I wanted to know whether anyone here (who has already completed undergrad and received their degree) is taking extra courses in Jan whether it's for interest sake or meeting pre req requirements. On ORPAS how do you declare this? Because the school I am looking to take it at (GuelphU open education learning) does not give transcripts for in progress courses, so I wouldn't even be able to request a transcript. I called the schools individually and some say I wouldn't even need to disclose it on ORPAS and some seem confused themselves as to what to do. Has anyone ever done this before?
  11. I see alot of posts on here about UK ot/pt schools but none about US schools. I am interested in applying there and was wondering why there isn't much mention of it? Do US OT programs not have the credentials to be considered in Canada?
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