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  1. Congrats to everyone who got an interview so far! Holding out hope for the ones still waiting, you honestly never know. My friend got theirs very late in the day after everyone else did. Good luck!
  2. Practice practice practice, and discuss your answers with people that got in/your friends that are applying with you.
  3. You have a pretty good shot but I think you would need a slightly above average CASPer to qualify for an interview for sure.
  4. Very odd topic but I was curious as to what kind of hairstyles people were sprouting during medical school? I understand that it's a lot more about the "overall" picture, but what are hairstyles people recommend?
  5. That's very interesting, I haven't heard of residency loan forgiveness before, thank you for bringing this up!
  6. Since student loans don't have any interest while you are in school, I would use that entire amount first before touching my LoC. Once the grace period is about to run out, you can pay the loan amount with your LoC. This saves you a bunch of years in interest payments on the loan value amount across the years.
  7. I agree I prefer boring investments. So should I invest my LOC into those?
  8. Would it be prudent to invest like 30k of my LOC at the prime -0.25 rate (Scotia) into index funds? Would I be making more money overtime or would the interest end up costing more than the return on investment? If any resident/physician has done this in their time, would be great if I could get some information.
  9. This was nice to read, I think you've learned from your mistakes. I don't speak for all minorities except myself but I can say I personally would accept this as an apology, and I am pretty sure others would too.
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