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  1. CBL portal just opened for me. It now allows me to upload my student biography.
  2. @ubc94 I switched to a UBC hosted mailbox, but all SAIL-24 emails have been going to my old email address. Seems that the switchover to UBC mail has not happened yet? Has this happened for anyone else?
  3. I received an email with links to the orientation website and checklist yesterday. Did everyone else get this?
  4. IP here. I got in this year with a 505 MCAT and 83% aGPA. My NAQ definitely carried me. So it's possible to get in with a low MCAT (and low GPA, too)!
  5. I just checked the SSC and I also have an enrolment letter available! So exciting. However, I noticed something and wanted to check with others. My enrolment letter says Doctor of Medicine in Vancouver campus, even though I accepted an offer to NMP. Do all the enrolment letters say Vancouver campus? Does this just indicate the Vancouver campus of UBC as opposed to UBCO?
  6. Result: Accepted NMP Geography: In province Early or Regular Deadline: Regular Timestamp: 9:51AM AQ score: 18.xx (Waitlisted last year) NAQ score: 38.x (Waitlisted last year) EC's: Varied, long-term. Hobbies, volunteer work, employment. Non-trad applicant. PM for more details if interested MCAT: <510 Interview: Felt great coming out. Got Average last year and was waitlisted. Definitely started doubting myself the last few days leading up to results, and was sure I would get waitlisted again this year. I cannot believe it. This has been a very
  7. Accepted NMP! Timestamp: 9:51 AM (Edited: moved stats to Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted thread)
  8. @HongHongHong Maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part. Wishing everyone the best of luck!
  9. Does anyone think UBC might be sneaky and send out offers tomorrow instead of Wednesday?
  10. I'm so relieved to finally have a date for D-Day. Now I can officially relax this weekend. Enjoy the sunshine, everyone!
  11. @frenchpress Are you able to speak about the changes that will impact orientations? Will first-year lectures/CBL be online?
  12. Hmm, I wonder if this means May 8th is D-Day, or if UBC is switching it up to a Tuesday (May 12) this year?
  13. I also think that it will be May 8th this year. If so, less than a month to go now!
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