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  1. Hi current OT student here! They basically move backwards to count your last 20 credits (1 credit being a half year course) however sometimes this doesn't perfectly align with an 4 even semesters if people took summer courses or courses after graduation which is why they have to average sometimes. For example if you have 17 credits toward your SGPA and in order to get the last 3 credits you need to dip into a semester that you took 5 courses, they would average your GPA over that semester and multiply by 3 instead of randomly picking 3 courses. As far as I know your summer courses will be coun
  2. Going to be accepting my offer for Mac OT. To those who didn’t receive an offer don’t lose hope! I was rejected to the only school I applied to last year and this year I was able to secure two acceptances and two waitlists.
  3. Just got offers from uoft and mac on orpas. Still waiting on western and queens.
  4. I emailed them on the 14th and was told there hasn’t been any movement so far
  5. Has anyone gotten off the uofa waitlist? Wondering if there’s been any movement.
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