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  1. Actually I haven't submitted my supporting documents yet, so I am still a bit worried!
  2. Tried to submit my supporting documents, but my Minerva access has been disabled. Unsure as to why this occurred, so I contracted ServicePoint to try and help me out, but they said it would take up to two business days to resolve the issue. Right now, I can't even login - but I do have everything done and ready to go! I contacted admissions about this issue, but they haven't gotten back to me yet; is there anything else that I can do at this point? Thanks!
  3. Graduated in April of this year, and took the time off to re-write my MCAT alone. I didn't choose to pursue any employment or volunteering during this time. I have been interviewing for various jobs and volunteer positions these past few weeks, and have only gotten offers a few days ago. Granted, I don't think I can put this down for my application, so is there anything I can do or is this meant to remain blank in my case?
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