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  1. Hi everyone, I was hoping someone would be able to link the grade conversion from UofA to UofS. I've already emailed the admissions office three times this week so I dont want to bother them again lol. Thanks!!
  2. Did anyone else receive an invite and was it through mail? I thought my stats were very competitive but I didn't receive anything
  3. I think that they're probably closed today and tomorrow so I'm hoping for Tuesday
  4. Thats so weird, I would probably email them and ask! And maybe try to find out when interviews are coming out as well lol
  5. Nope but I did notice that they got a new copy of my transcript a few days ago. Did you do high school and undergrad in Canada?
  6. Thought I would start this thread since interviews should be coming out soon! Anyone have an idea when to expect them?
  7. Hey guys, so I just entered my courses on ucan and when I was done the calculated gpa for me was a 3.86, however my calculations show that it should be a 3.85 (Rounded from a 3.853). So is it normal for the GPA to be rounded up or should i contact them to change it? Thanks!
  8. Thanks! Do you happen to have any tips for CASPer? I’ve been relearning typing so that I can be faster but that’s about it lol
  9. Hey Guys I would love to go to Mac but am pretty unsure of my stats. OOP GPA: 3.83 CARS: 130 I’ve never done CASPer before but I am wondering what my chances would be with just average performance?
  10. I would be but I think I’ll wait to see the DAT results because I don’t think I’ll be getting an interview lol
  11. I messed up the soap because it was so damn soft lol but everything else felt pretty fair in my opinion. I’m just glad it’s finally over!
  12. Is anyone applying to the program this year? The stats for last year’s class just got posted and it seems like the average DAT score and the GPAs went up which has me worried because I had stats around last years average. Anyone in the same boat?
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