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  1. I have an english class, that I would want to make p/f. The grade is A-, so it is not that bad, but it would affect my gpa. Would medical schools that have English as a prereq still consider my application with this p/f due to covid? Thanks!
  2. Hey, I have been looking to move to Europe from Canada to finish my medical school and am looking for advice. I know that the system there is different, and they don't have an undergrad, basically just 2 years science, and the next 4 years is more and more medicine. I am currently in the first year of my Bio undergrad in Canada, and would want to transfer after my second year, and equivalate my first two years for the first two science years they have. I am not sure if this is possible, and have tried looking but haven't found anything related. Would anyone know about this or direct me to
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