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  1. Hi guys, Would like to contribute to the data. Thanks to everyone for being so supportive. Creation time: 9:09:17 EST GPA: 4.00 OMSAS English stream
  2. If you have completed your degree and go back for courses as pre-req’s, dothe ontario schools just take the gpa from your degree and acknowledge that you’ve done the other courses?
  3. Why is this a problem? If a student has been able to show consistent academic excellence, why should that not be rewarded instead of masked by a wGPA?
  4. Hi everyone. I recall reading somewhere on here that there is a requirement that graduate students finish their program by a specific date if they are to be offered admission at certain schools in Ontario. I tried searching the forums and couldn’t find the topic i read before. If anyone could give me a hand with some resources that discuss this i would really appreciate it.
  5. Invite/Rejection - Reject Time Stamp: ~1:15pm Location: IP Stream: english wGPA: 3.99 Current year: 4th year undergrad ECs: two long term employment experiences during undergrad, two very unique international sports, lab volunteer, hospital volunteer, couple awards/scholarships. interesting hobbies. No pubs Casper: probably my weak spot - rejection at mac too
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