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  1. https://afmc.ca/news-publications/admission-requirements Here you go!
  2. Can't help you with the first one, but for the second one, if you have a BSc. you are good. That note from the U of A's website is for people who have not completed an undergrad degree yet. And yes you can drop out if you get in.
  3. Calgary isn't more liberal than Edmonton. In the 2015 and 2019 Provincial elections, Edmonton voted almost wholly for the NDP party, often in landslide victories, while Calgary skewed more conservative (Calgary was almost entirely blue in 2019). I'm not saying that this is good or bad, but it's unfair to say that Edmontonians aren't progressive, at least relative to the rest of Alberta.
  4. If anything I would think it will be harder. You've seen it this year with U of C's application numbers increasing 17% - any economic downturn pushes people towards stable careers like medicine.
  5. Just a thought to all of you applying this year OOP. Yes, it will likely be more competitive, but probably not as much as you think. 518+ MCAT's are still extremely rare. My guess would be that most of those added applicants are not highly competitive, but people who thought that the uncertainty from COVID gave them a chance. Also, Premed101 is not indicative in any way of actual applicants, so asking for stats here does nothing more than to feed your anxiety. Take it from someone who repeatedly checked Premed101 when applying last year, stay off of this site!
  6. You can email Sask's Admissions team and they will provide you with the U of A to U of S GPA converter and how to use it!
  7. If anyone hasn't seen it yet, there is a WhatsApp group where we are planning meetups for this week. The link is in the C2024 FB group!
  8. All 16. In my opinion, you may as well fill them all out - it can't hurt you. You never know what will resonate with a reviewer, and the only way you're guaranteed not to get a point for an activity is by not putting it down.
  9. With how much free help I received on here and several other forums when I was applying, I think it would be deeply unethical for me to profit off of pre-meds now that I'm in medical school. I've been contacted a few times to join on with those companies (which is a sign I'm probably too active on these forums) and it gets my back up every time. It makes me happy to see that pretty much everyone here agrees with that POV, and I'm continually impressed with how supportive this community is as a whole!
  10. That's based on anecdotal experiences of people on **DELETED**, definitely not what you want to be basing your perspective on. And to add to that, the majority of people in the thread that comment on the $120k+ salaries are in exasperation about how high they are, so it doesn't really prove your point as most people there seem to agree that those salaries are far from the norm. I gave you real data from a salary report, I don't know what your argument is here. ^^^^^^^ I don't get why people over-estimate job prospects so much, it does absolutely nothing for them. It's beneficial to be
  11. That's a common belief but isn't true. Take a look at this link: https://www.payscale.com/data/tech-industry-salaries. Average start, while awesome, is still only ~$110k at the big 3 social media companies (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn). There might be a few people making $200k right out of high school, but again that's the top 1% of the 1% considering how hard it is to land a job in a big Silicon Valley tech company and even harder to excel once you're there (much much harder than getting into medicine). And mid-career numbers don't increase like you think they might (Twitter has a $157k m
  12. I'd give you a like if I had any left to give for today! You hit on some good points for sure - the 10% is definitely a simplification on my part but even if it's 2% I think the argument still holds. I don't know if I would say there are a lot of jobs that compare to average FM/low-billing specialists unless we're well into the top 1% of most other fields, which in my mind isn't really the argument. And we'll have to agree to disagree on the level of uncertainty that most other fields have when it comes to reaching that upper tier. If I'm being honest, my experiences tell me it's not as bad as
  13. ^ Something to think about for sure! Don't know if we can lump all healthcare professionals in with us as many don't aspire to medicine when they start out. If they all did, some of us wouldn't be here. A more apt comparison might be that we're the top ~10% of pre-meds? It's less about who is in your field really, and more who you're competing with for jobs. That's about the national acceptance rate if I recall correctly, and pre-meds are the ones who actually try to become doctors. Do the top 10% in any other "field" have all (or any) of the career benefits that medicine has? I wouldn't
  14. I think we agree here, my only concern is that I don't want pre-meds to think your situation is the norm. I personally know a lot of people in those corporate type of roles as well, but they are far and away the exception to the rule. A lot of them also have terrible quality of life because of the amount of work, and type of work they do (getting up at 5 AM, living at the office working with numbers and talking on the phone all day, and then getting home at 9 PM). Medicine definitely isn't for everyone, but you do get to do amazing work, have job security pretty much as soon as you're accepted
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