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  1. Just breaking the silence. Is it possible to know how many people got off NB waitlist yet? Thanks
  2. That's cool. Any option that helps applicants is always welcoming.
  3. I think they should give an option whether or not you want to include these winter courses considering covid-19 could impact some students negatively.
  4. Can somebody please post the average score breakdowns for OOPs? Thanks.
  5. Good Morning, How do we find out how many NB students are on waitlist? I can see 50(including five admins) members for DMNB Class 2024 facebook group.
  6. So far, I know, like in Queens, you can do extra undergrad years. Once you are in a grad or professional school(catch point), you need to complete it.
  7. NB waitlisted. Scared to hope that people will go to other schools.
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