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  1. I would email them! I would guess they would not consider your 4th year GPA and your GPA calculations will be based off of your 2 best years with a full course load
  2. The past 2 years it came out around 1:00pm EST so who knows lmao.
  3. Hi all! Just preparing for this week for those interested in sharing their information. Let's try and keep this topic to stats posts only. Template: Result: Time Stamp: wGPA/cGPA: Year: Casper quartile: MCAT: ECs: Geography (Maritime province/OOP): Let me know if I am missing any information that may be important - this is my first time applying to Dal. Good luck
  4. Good luck to everyone this week if interview invites go out! Just remember that the process is also about luck (especially for OOP applicants like me). Fingers crossed for everyone!
  5. Someone mentioned that a friend if a friend received a CASPer rejection on **DELETED**, but I don’t know if that’s true or not.
  6. Mine just appeared on Friday after I emailed them about it. I don’t think it would hurt?
  7. They said they would be verifying throughout Oct so don't worry about it, especially if you are OOP. They probably do IP first since that is the larger portion of the class.
  8. I would suggest scanning the school-specific forums and seeing what ECs they have. I don't know of a thread thats specific for third years. A word of advice though... Don't compare yourself to others. Everyone has their own life story.
  9. none of their websites mention needed snapshot and the casper website also does not indicate you need it for those schools. So I think you don't need it.
  10. I mean to be safe I would release now and then again when you get your new score.
  11. I just want to wish everyone good luck!!! For those who get an interview, work your butt of to prepare!! For those who don't get to interview, continue to work your butt off to show the Canadian med school you are tough! For everyone, don't let responses from medical schools define you sense of self-worth! I know it is difficult not to attach your worth to your dream career, especially when you feel like you work harder than 99% of the people that get in. Just know you matter and a big part of he process is luck. Good luck everyone
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