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  1. I am pretty sure it is a legit waitlist. I have a friend who got an interview invite off the waitlist 2 or 3 years ago
  2. Since this is a very specific question, you may have to email them about it. Unless someone has had the same experience as you and has gotten that information, anything else anyone says would be speculation. My guess is that they would include the completed years of your second undergrad and then fill the "3 year" requirement by taking from your first undergrad. Since you are in your 2nd year now, and if you are applying the current cycle (2020-2021) then they would not count your second year as it is not complete yet.
  3. You would have to ask admissions that. I don't think anyone here could give you an accurate answer.
  4. Hi! It is definitely a stressful time. I was in your shoes about a year ago. I am still applying to medical school, but I decided to do a Master's in Public Health! The program I am taking is 4 consecutive terms with a placement. I am really enjoying it so far and it definitely adds to your application. Also, you will be able yo get a good job in the mean time while you apply to medical schools. After I finished my undergrad, I took the MCAT again so my MCAT would be valid for 5 years and I wouldn't have to relearn everything a couple of years after I graduated. That is what I did, so I hope i
  5. I recently graduated from uOttawa in biomed and I really enjoyed the program. After the first 2 years you have a lot of electives so you can take courses you are really interested in. I was able to take a lot of physiology courses. Engineering courses are typically tougher and harder to get higher grades in, but I do have friends who took mechanical engineering at uOttawa and are now in medical school. Getting a job with just a biomed degree is pretty hard, but you can always do a masters or something after (e.g. MPH, epidemiology, etc) if you decide medical school is not in your cards/decide
  6. I think you should be okay, but again, no one really knows with Queen's.
  7. uOttawa looks at your 3 most recent years that you have already completed. So if you have already finished your 4th year, they will not consider your first year. And if you only plan on applying to uOttawa, you do not need to write the MCAT. They don't consider it. All other Ontario schools (other than NOSM and uOttawa) consider the MCAT or a certain section of the MCAT.
  8. I agree with this. I still submitted mine just in case they want to use it for this cycle, but I personally think it is more of a test to see if they want to use it later.
  9. I would personally contact the admissions. At uOttawa we were offered the option to make a class pass/fail and were reminded of the repercussions about some professional degree applications if we chose P/F. On their website it still says that they are keeping their original policies/requirements but may change due to COVID, but apply as if they aren't going to change it.
  10. Okay awesome thank you for clarifying this for me!
  11. From my understanding, yes. I remember reading this somewhere on their website a few years back (I could be completely wrong). The are really focused on ECs
  12. For prerequisites, they just look at what you submit into OMSAS. So as long as you have a B in a class and enter that one on the OMSAS School Submissions tab I think you should be fine.
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