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  1. uOttawa looks at your 3 most recent years that you have already completed. So if you have already finished your 4th year, they will not consider your first year. And if you only plan on applying to uOttawa, you do not need to write the MCAT. They don't consider it. All other Ontario schools (other than NOSM and uOttawa) consider the MCAT or a certain section of the MCAT.
  2. I agree with this. I still submitted mine just in case they want to use it for this cycle, but I personally think it is more of a test to see if they want to use it later.
  3. I would personally contact the admissions. At uOttawa we were offered the option to make a class pass/fail and were reminded of the repercussions about some professional degree applications if we chose P/F. On their website it still says that they are keeping their original policies/requirements but may change due to COVID, but apply as if they aren't going to change it.
  4. Okay awesome thank you for clarifying this for me!
  5. From my understanding, yes. I remember reading this somewhere on their website a few years back (I could be completely wrong). The are really focused on ECs
  6. For prerequisites, they just look at what you submit into OMSAS. So as long as you have a B in a class and enter that one on the OMSAS School Submissions tab I think you should be fine.
  7. Getting an interview and getting into medical school is a huge numbers game. Yes, your application is important but there is also luck involved. Even though you are on the low end of the GPA for uOttawa, I still think you should apply.
  8. I emailed about this and this was their response: I wish to inform you the we recommend that all candidates complete the CASPer Snapshot. Please note that beginning with the current application cycle, for admission to the MD program in the fall of 2021, the Admissions Office will calculate a cumulative grade point average (cGPA).Please visit our website at the following address https://med.uottawa.ca/undergraduate/admissions Thank you for your interest in our MD Program. Diane Parent
  9. I also agree with this. Remember that they are cutoffs, not used competitively.
  10. From my understanding, it would have to be the summer following your 5th year, or maybe the one before? Any answers you get here would be speculation so it may be better to contact GradMed to get a correct answer.
  11. You can only register if you have already submitted your OMSAS application!
  12. From my knowledge, as long as you supplement that course during the summer that you missed in your first semester you should be okay! I have a lot of friends that did a similar thing (Biomed at uOttawa) and they got interviews/accepted. If you want to be 100% sure its okay, I would contact the admissions office. Also, IF they do say your first year is ineligible (I don't think they will), once you finish your 4th year your 1st year won't count anymore because uOttawa only looks at your 3 most recent years.
  13. Check out SquareOne insurance! Thats who I use.
  14. I think it would be best to email the faculty directly. They are usually really good at responding quickly and that way you will have the most accurate information.
  15. I also agree that Astroff helped. I thought their tests were fairly similar to what to expect for the actual test. People say read Doing Right but I don't find it helped me much. I think if you have common sense and are able to articulate why you would choose one option over the other then you should be set.
  16. I am pretty sure it says max 18 in total so if you don't have 3 then just put whatever you have there.
  17. I would email the administration about this question because they would be able to give you the most accurate answer.
  18. I am graduating from Biomed at uOttawa this year and from my experience the first year is definitely the hardest. It really makes you learn how to manage time. I would say as long as you are not afraid to seek help from professors/friends and learn how to study effectively, you should not have a problem. I have enjoyed almost every class I have taken and made some really amazing friends. I guess my message is to not be afraid to ask for help.
  19. From my understanding, it depends on the how your school calculates grade points. For example, if the school goes by percentage, then you would need 70%+ but if it uses a grade point scale like uOttawa, Carleton and other schools, you would need whatever grade point that corresponds to a B.
  20. I went to uOttawa with only knowing 2 people from my high school but I ended up making a lot of friends from different programs like engineering and psychology, and also a bunch of people in my program. It is a little harder to make friends if you don't live in residence because you are not forced to interact, but just talking to people in class is a great way. I would say do a program in which you are interested in the content. Even if the program is a little harder, you will find it easier to study for interesting classes and you will enjoy yourself a lot more.
  21. So I know they changed the regulations recently that almost every upper year Health Science course (HSS) has to have a paper and group project or something like that. There is not much overlap between the programs except for first year but I have a friend who switched into health science from biomed after second year and graduated on time. I would personally choose a program in which you enjoy the content being taught. Getting into medical school is not always a straight line so there is no shame in switching programs and taking a little more time than the 4 years.
  22. Hi! I am a student from uOttawa and I have had friends who have successfully gotten into medical school who have both taken Health Science and biomed at uOttawa. It really depends on which medical school you want to go to. uOttawa has certain requirements in which biomed helps you complete whereas health sciences the course sequence does not require you to take the prerequisites but you still have time to take them. It also depends on if you're better in pure sciences or more on the health policy/paper writing side and group projects. Biomed has a very small to no group projects and minimal es
  23. The minimum in general is 3.5, but depending on which stream you apply to, the WGPA cut-off is different. English is 3.85-3.87 depending on where you live.
  24. I got a rejection last year at 9:00am. If you look at last years forum you may be able to figure out the time but again, could be different.
  25. The email I got said 4294 applications, 164 positions available and 575 candidates being interviewed.
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