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  1. I just started PT at Western this year. In my experience, neither Western nor Dal were offering deferrals after having been accepted so I don't think you have to worry about reduced seats available to applicants for this cycle because of that. As well, although Western's website said they typically accept 75 students, our cohort is 80 this year so I also doubt you'll see a reduced number of seats overall. I know UoA had a page on their website saying they weren't accepting grades from winter 2020 semesters in sGPA calculations during last years application cycle, so that might impact your admi
  2. I also got in after doing 5 years for my undergrad, and only 4 courses rather than 5 for three of my four semesters in 4th and 5th year. One thing to take note of is that some schools (Western I know for sure) require you to have completed all your pre-req required courses within the last 7 years, so if you're taking longer to do your undergrad or applying after an extended time off, you'll want to make sure your courses are recent enough! Double check on each school's admissions website and reach out to admin support if you're feeling uncertain. Best of luck
  3. If you're eligible (and if the program ever actually sees the light of day smh), the Canada Student Service Grant has two volunteer roles with hundreds of positions available from the YMCA listed for both children and senior exercise content creators, at a minimum of 10 hours per week! Check the website (iwanttohelp.org) for more information on the program, which is currently dead in the water. But if things get moving, these would be ideal positions for a PT/OT application! Additionally, you would be eligible for a $1000 grant for every 100 hours volunteered, up to $5000!
  4. I would say at this point it seems likely it will be mixed! In the President's May 29th update, he said they "anticipate that between 25-30 per cent of our courses will have an on-campus experience," and they "are also aiming for clinical programs, some undergraduate seminars and labs, and labs for research-based graduate students to be delivered in-person."
  5. Heyo! I was given an offer for Western but I'm still on the fence about attending this fall with the way circumstances are. Taking some time to think things over but I'd like to stay in the loop here for now
  6. I did an exchange in my third year and completed my undergrad over five years because all of my upper year degree-required courses ended up being winter semester. For three of the four semesters in my last two years I took four courses (I took the full five second semester in my 4th year). The fifth year gave me that flexibility to do the reduced course load, finish my degree-required courses and also take an extra six courses over that span for a minor, and I was accepted to Dal and Western for this application cycle with that. So you can definitely get in with a few semesters of four courses
  7. 1) I have a friend who's in PT1 at Dal this year who said 5 or 6 (she was uncertain on the exact number) people failed the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (basically the practical skills exam) and were being held back this year, but that was down from the 10 who failed the year prior so nothing necessarily out of the ordinary there. 2) There are a few reasons Dal's accreditation was changed to probationary, and all are outlined in the Accreditation Review they posted on the Dal School of Physiotherapy Website! I've also attached as a PDF incase the file is taken off the web, so
  8. Hey all, looking to bring this thread back now that acceptances are (I believe) all finally out! I'm curious if anyone has reached out to any schools and would be able to provide updates on deferral policies in light of COVID-19. I've emailed Dal and Western over the past week but haven't heard anything back yet, I'm sure they're both swamped with the volume of emails related to acceptance offers being released recently. I echo a lot of the sentiments mentioned above. Despite all the uncertainties, I'm sure that schools will do excellent work in adapting their curriculums and delivery of
  9. Accepted to Dal (NS resident) and Western PT Rejected from Queen's PT Western updated their student portal last night and it was reflected on my ORPAS. Queen's has been blank on ORPAS but I received an email about 5 minutes ago saying my application was insufficient for an offer or place on the waitlist! The email also said the Queen's cGPA cutoff (2.89) and sGPA cutoff (3.67) for this year! My own cGPA was 3.90 and sGPA was 3.85
  10. I think this would be a question for the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators (CAPR), they administer the Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE) which is a requirement for practicing PT in Canada. On their FAQ, it states: "Canadian-educated and internationally educated graduates of physiotherapy programs take the Physiotherapy Competency Examination (PCE), regardless of their experience. Most regulators in Canada include passing the PCE as part of their entry-to-practice process. If you are an internationally educated graduate of a physiotherapy program, CAPR must evaluate your
  11. Western doesn't have an interview! Just the ORPAS application and CASPer.
  12. I did my undergrad at Dal so I've been in Halifax for a while, and there's been a swath of students in the Dal student housing FB group looking for people to sign lease-takeovers since it was announced courses are going online. Hard to say what things will look like in January under current circumstances, but I managed to find a four month sublet for winter semester without much trouble after I had to move last minute in my third year.
  13. Yup, based on the conversion table Guelph and Dal both use the same percentage cutoffs, so a 90-100% at Guelph is consider an A+ at Dal
  14. You can use the ORPAS conversion table to see how your grades convert to Dal's letter system, and then calculate your mean grade based on that! Dal's letter grade to GPA works like this: A+ / A / A- = 4.3 / 4.0 / 3.7 B+ / B / B- = 3.3 / 3.0 / 2.7 C+ / C / C- = 2.3 / 2.0 / 1.7 D+ / D / D- = 1.3 / 1.0 / 0.7 F = 0 So say in your last 20 half credits (i.e. single semester courses) you had 9 A+s, 5 As, 4 A-s, and 2 Bs, your sGPA for Dal would be: [(9*4.3) + (5*4.0) + (4*3.7) + (2*3.0)] / 20 = 3.975 I whipped up a really basic Excel table (which includes the ORPAS conversion ch
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