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  1. Hi, I am writing mine in a week and would love to get some practice in aswell. you can reach me via dm too! thanks
  2. ^ if you two have tips on landing an interview in the first place? ( non academic assets? etc) lol plsss drop your advice. much appreciated!
  3. nice, any recommendations for where to look for these free resources? thanks in advance
  4. if you do end up buying it, I am willing to share the account and split the fee with you. Thanks!
  5. Hi, is there anyone willing to share DAT crusher subscription with me? It costs $400 CAD and Im a broke student atm. Please provide your email ID to discuss further. Thank you
  6. From what I've read on other websites/threads/requirements for schools, you have a good chance of getting in with your stats. But also take in consideration, it depends on the pool of students applying for that year and where you stand amongst them. Good luck! I hope you get in. ps- I'd be interested in how you studied in two weeks for DAT and still managed to get pretty decent score. As in what resources you used,etc. I will be writing mine in feb 2020 so any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks,
  7. Majority of the people at my test centre thought that bio was kinda tricky, chem=easy, PAT= easy and fairly representative of crusher, and RC= was kinda hard because S&D didn't work. Heres my take: RC: I think RC wasnt too bad ( thats coming from someone whos weakest section was RC, lol). My strategy was using the balanced approach: where I read like the first 2 parags thoroughly, skim thru first few questions, circle the key words from the questions, go back and read + look for answers but QUICKLY skimming thru now. I found a lot of answers very earlier on and the leftover
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