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  1. When you say certification, is possible but not immediate, or easy, could you elaborate? Since Pakistan is not in the list of approved jurisdiction?
  2. Directly, it wouldn't be recognized, but are there any certifications that can be taken, similar to the USMLE/MCCEE that you take once you're done med school to be able to qualify for a residency, but instead, where you've already done residency and now need a certification to be able to practice or something like that?
  3. If I completed my residency in Pakistan, and came back to Canada, would I be able to take some (I assume difficult) tests and certifications in order to practice in Canada, or would the residency not be recognized?
  4. I don't know much about the process of applying there atm, but I'm looking into it. If anyone here has information regarding the process of applying to a Pakistani Med school, feel free to DM me. I've read another thread on here where it states that if you practice in Pakistan, you are then considered an IMG (International medical graduate) and you may never match for residency back here in Canada and so you may never get to really come back and practice. I wanted some more information. What if I completed my residency in Pakistan, and then decided to come back. How would that
  5. If i do pursue medicine, I’ll be a lot older when I do apply because I’ll have to do a second undergrad. Im looking to talk to some older applicants and maybe form some connection on that front and talk about this subject some more.
  6. I have to still volunteer and really build myself up still and I really wanted to get in touch with people who are on a similar journey to talk with. Pretty new to this. Is anyone else in the same boat who would like to talk?
  7. I havent started volunteering or building myself up and i’d like to meet some people who are also just starting out
  8. Im currently in a degree and wondering if, since I plan on doing a second bachelors anyway, would it be better to drop out of this current program? Does anyone know
  9. Just as an FYI, im not done my first degree yet. My GPA is very bad at the moment but im looking to improve it at least a little in the time i have left. if i apply for a second degree, will the process involve them needing the transcripts of my first degree?
  10. Apparently unis will still consider your first degree when you apply? Are there any programs that look mainly at the most recent 4 years of study instead?
  11. Just wondering because i plan on doing a second bachelors to have a better chance as my first one is quite low and im wondering if theres a canadian uni that mostly takes into consideration the most recent 4 years of study?
  12. Can you pursue med school with a nursing degree? Is that an option?
  13. I’d really love to find someone to talk to about med school who did a second undergrad or is considering that route. I could really use the company. anyone else out there?
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