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  1. I think you have a pretty good chance. Upper third is definitely the position to be on the waitlist. I've heard it's common for waitlists to move 40 or so spots, which encompasses most of the upper third position.
  2. Hi everyone! I decided to create a thread for everyone that got accepted into Queen's MPT program for September. I'm excited to meet all of you, whenever that is! Just to start things off, what is everyone's living plans for september? I am not from the kingston area and I'm interested in finding a place.
  3. Hey everyone. I've been following this forum for years and now I'm so happy that I can provide my own input to future students coming through! If any prospective PT students would like to ask me any questions, go ahead! I plan to check the forum off and on in the future. Applied + (PT or OT?): All PT - Dal, McGill, Queen's, U of T, McMaster and Western University Accepted: Queen's, DalWaitlisted: U of T, Western Rejected: McMasterAwaiting Response: McGills-GPA: 3.91c-GPA: 3.854.3 Scale GPA (dal): 4.15/4.3First time applicant from one of the Atlantic Provinces.Perceived strength of essays/
  4. Do you have the link to this source that you read last week? I haven't seen anything on Western's website about the 90/10 split.
  5. I'd imagine they are trying to fill or almost entirely fill the quotas before moving on to the rest of the seats. I do not know this for sure though, I'm just speculating. I know for PT we have until the 29th of May to make a decision, so as they hear back from some of the applicants they will know where they are in the quotas. That is the same date that the ORPAS releases PT & OT admissions so I'd imagine most movement will occur after the ontario schools release their admissions.
  6. there are no reserved seats for students other than the atlantic provinces (Example, no seats specifically reserved for BC citizens). When they reach the atlantic province minimums, they will fill the rest of the seats to applicants with the strongest applications, regardless of their province. So to answer your question, yes the OOP's compete with each other regardless of province. However, it should be noted that they also compete with the atlantic province students that did not meet the minimum quota, but still have an opportunity to be accepted to fill the rest of the seats in
  7. To my recollections and understandings, the seat allocations are minimums, not maximums. So there has to be at least two students from PEI in the program. There has the potential to be more. I think that when they reach the quota of minimum seat allocations, they will just take the individuals with the highest admissions scores (combination of GPA & CASPer I believe).
  8. Good luck to everyone that applied to DAL PT today. I'm hoping we all get good news today!
  9. Thank you both for providing your input! @OntarioPTstudent1996 Thanks for sharing your perspective from a current student. I have to agree with you that the incoming class may have it better than current students. @rehabhopeful I appreciate your optimistic outlook compared to my negative outlook There are plenty of positive ways this could turn out as well. We should hear more about some universities decisions and plans in the upcoming weeks which will help us make a decision. I'd love to hear any other prospective or current students thoughts on this matter too!
  10. I'm glad you brought this topic up. I share the same concerns with starting school online in the fall (although I have not been accepted to a school yet). If I do get accepted, I honestly do not want to start school online in the fall semester. I am a face to face learner and I feel I need that environment to be successful. Online courses do not provide this same atmosphere and I always struggle with these online courses. I genuinely feel like our education will suffer from this heavily online based learning. At the end of the degree, we only have 3 tries to pass the PCE to practice in Canada,
  11. https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/orpas-dates/ lists May 29th the earliest date for OT & PT offers to be sent out!
  12. Thanks for sharing the article. After reading that, I am impressed with the update from the President. He seems personable and I appreciate how he is trying to focus on a "mixed" approach.
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