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  1. I just checked and I have that too. My number is fairly close to where I am on the spreadsheet. I'm curious to see if it's similar for others. You could definitely be on to something!
  2. This is what my created time says on gmail. SORRY, I'm in MST, so it's actually 9:07 EST
  3. Time Stamp: 9:07am Result: Good waitlist GPA: 3.94 Stream: English
  4. Is anyone else unable to access the application information page on the Ualberta website? I was trying to look at all the application requirements again, but the page doesn't seem to be working anymore for me.
  5. TIME STAMP: 3:13 PM MTResult: RejectwGPA: 3.97MCAT: 128 CARS (516 total)ECs: I expected they were below average, but still thought I did a good job writing about them. Volunteering, some research, employment, unique hobbies, etc. Year: 4th year UndergradGeography : IP Bummer
  6. If I was an OOP applicant, is my NAQ percentile from just the OOP applicant pool or everyone? Got rejected with 0-24.99th percentile and I feel so defeated (rejected on Tuesday not today btw, don't wanna freak anyone out)
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