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  1. I was on the medium waitlist which was numbers 66-130. So perhaps your friend was on the upper section of the medium waitlist.
  2. Congratulations! So weird that they told you to try again next year and then accepted you days later. If you feel comfortable telling me your waitlist number so that my friend can see if she has a chance I would appreciate it (or DM me). If not I understand. Looking forward to meeting you in the fall.
  3. I thought I saw/heard that somewhere. That would mean that 9 people should be moving off the list.
  4. I accepted Mac PT in the first round. I have heard of no waitlist movement and the class list stands at 56 (You can see the list on Mac's Avenue to Learn). If the class is normally 65, why has no one been called??? I have several friends high up on the waitlist waiting to hear. Has anyone heard of them decreasing the class size this year?
  5. I just finished 4 th year so I have conditional acceptances until I prove I finished my degree. If your transcripts show a completed degree you don’t need to resend. I did it through OPRAS. They will send it to the school you accept and yes they charge you $15 again.
  6. I will be. I'm just debating if I should wait a bit to see if I get off the waitlist for Western. The more I think about it though the more I think Mac is for me. Have you accepted yours?
  7. No, I got an auto response that my email would be answered in a few days. Lol we will know by then!
  8. I have emailed admissions about this and will let everyone know what they say if they answer me back.
  9. Skipping the interview process makes me doubt this.
  10. No where in the email does it say that a webcam will be used. Should they not have given us a heads up? I was just going to stay in my sweats lol.
  11. I'm sure they will take that into consideration. I can't see them weighing interviews as much as usual since half were in person and half virtual. Hard to evaluate the 2 types the same way.
  12. U of T website says that 2019 sGPA cut off was 3.81 but that it varies from year to year.
  13. Yes you are correct. My friend is in the same situation and she called them last summer to confirm.
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