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  1. I believe they will be starting at the distributed sites. But you'll have to double check that
  2. UVic does percentage grades, so your average will convert directly over to UBC. Not sure what SFU does though, but UVic is the same as UBC by using percentages rather than letter grades.
  3. I've heard of cases of this happening before. They just want some more information for whatever reason. Either the numbers don't add up on paper or something looks off. I wouldn't take it as a bad thing, just an activity that the file reviewer needed more information about to properly evaluate.
  4. Even with a high GPA you still need a high NAQ score to receive an OOP interview. No GPA will allow you to get away with mediocre non academics as an OOP unfortunately.
  5. With around an 85% average you would need an extremely high NAQ score to make the interview cutoff. That's generally why those who get OOP interviews have averages above 90. Rural or not, you'll need a near perfect NAQ to get an interview. Worth a shot if you feel you've got great non-academics.
  6. I'd say if you have the time and money, there's no harm in giving it another shot if you think you can improve your score. 509 is a big jump from 501, but is still 4-5 points below the average of accepted applicants. If you want to give yourself the absolute best chance of getting in, I'd consider rewriting.
  7. Although nobody knows for certain what the effect will be, I suspect the average accepted GPA may decrease slightly year. There will still be many applicants who have 4.0 gpas, and if they continue to use GPA as the heaviest weighted portion of the application it will result in a large percentage of the chosen class having a 4.0, and a minimal drop to the average.
  8. The more areas you are lacking in (in your case awards and research) the more the rest of your application has to exceed the average. Those other areas could be your GPA, MCAT, or extracurriculars. Not having research or awards in itself does not pose as a red flag, just be aware that the other areas of your application will have to pull you up to compare to and surpass your peers.
  9. I remember seeing a note in the FAQ of the email from Shirley last week addressing this. I was confused originally too about it.
  10. Ranking of sites will not make any difference in if you are granted admission or not. As stated on their website, they are blind to your site preferences when making admissions decisions.
  11. I don't think schools are wiping this semesters grades because they may be overly low for some applicants, but rather the opposite. With online evaluation there is much more opportunity for cheating and therefore inflated averages. I think that's the main reason they aren't including it.
  12. My statement was not just based on that one comment. Feel how you want to feel, I was just pointing out an obvious trend.
  13. You must be the most pessimistic person I've ever seen on these forums. Every post assuming the worst. Look on the bright side for once, you'll be a happier person because of it.
  14. I honestly can't think of anything except that you got red flagged. This could have been either based on something you said during the interview, or in one of the references.
  15. Keep in mind that it could be different this year with the lottery. They only stated they sent out offers to the top 100 applicants and then the other 100 were by lottery. Instead of over offering this year they could have simply made the wait list larger.
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