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  1. Hello, for my overall average ( 2 years of the bachelor of science), I have 4.28 on a 4.33 scale... I don't know how to convert this to percentage, if anyone knows how let me know! I haven't calculated my last 30 credits yet, but I assume it will be slightly lower, due to the craziness that has been this semester with COVID! Also I think I will not be attending the pharmacy interview. I am realizing that the DMS program is really where my heart is at, despite the lower pay. Good luck to everyone! I wish you the best!
  2. I'm curious, are they specifying interview dates yet? I'm wondering if they will "push down" the interview dates or if they'll keep them the same. EDIT: also I forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS! DOUBLE EDIT: nevermind just got my invitation too exactly 30 seconds ago! Mine is on May 2nd. Good luck to everyone!
  3. Hello, I actually asked them this similar question since the portal showed they had not recieved my transcript yet. This is what she replied, as of a couple days ago: "Thank you for your patience. The Undergraduate Admissions Office has received a high volume of documents, and it may take up to several weeks to process. Please keep monitoring the status, and notify us if no update has been made in two weeks. The Undergraduate Admissions Office will check for the printing date on your transcript and therefore, if it was received before Jan. 15th, it should not affect your application
  4. I received my residency form an hour ago. For those who haven't yet, I'll just let you know that the new deadline is February 10, 2020.
  5. Thank you for the response! But I still don't understand if it is STAGE-based or WEIGHTED... For example (bear with very INACCURATE numbers): at UBC PharmD, let's say 1000 people apply, of those let's say 400 are chosen for interview ONLY based on academics. Now those 400 would be competing for 200 spots through ONLY the interview. (again, ignore the numbers, these aren't accurate!). ... ie: STAGES But other universities WEIGHT them... ie: you send in your grades, do the interview some time later, do an essay, etc. and these are WEIGHTED ie: 1/3 interview 1/3 grades 1/3 essay (crude
  6. Can anyone clarify somewhat how the admissions is working? I know for UBC's PharmD it is a bit like different "stages"... ie: you pass the academic-based stage, NOW you are all on the same playing field again, and next those who passed the academic part now need to pass the interviews, etc. The impression I'm getting from UAlberta's PharmD admission site is that grades/interview/etc are WEIGHTED (ie: each contribute a certain amount to your "score"); ie: there are NOT "stages"? https://www.ualberta.ca/pharmacy/programs/pharmd-doctor-of-pharmacy/prospective-students/admission-require
  7. OMGOODNESS I literally wrote half a paragraph venting how I didn't receive the residency declaration form, then I looked up and realized that you also had the same problem, Pixiedust! Yes I am stressing b/c I never received the Residency Declaration form either. If we have to mail it ourselves I am worried about whether it will reach them in time. Hopefully they release it soon and it can be done online. Did you contact them? Did they say anything? I am thinking of emailing them. Also I am worried b/c my university isn't sending out my transcript until Jan 7th, and the deadline is Jan 15
  8. Starting a new thread for UBC's Entry-to-Practice PharmD, since I don't think anyone has created one yet (Class of 2024!). This is for those intending to start the PharmD program in September of 2020! If anyone has any comments or questions, please post below! I will start by saying: am I the only one surprised that the personal profile requirement was removed? When did this happen?
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