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  1. I'm almost 31 but I've told myself even if I'm in my 40s I'm going to get in... just gotta keep working towards it! I decided not to apply to NOSM this next cycle and instead do a 2 year masters program while studying for the MCAT and apply all over after that Wishing you the best on your journey and always here to chat/support fellow non trads!!
  2. just wondering if anyone else has any ideas as far as blanking for McMaster CARS write vs. writing all sections (as you do have more than a zero chance with it all being multiple choice...) ? If you write all sections, before being fully prepared for all sections, and get low in sections other than CARS, does this look bad to other schools if you do a full rewrite and do well in all sections later?
  3. @ToughBold Same boat here! I'm writing the MCAT before the app deadline just for CARS for McMaster (and also applying to NOSM)... mature student/non trad, full time work in healthcare, can't jam all the self-study in this round but hopeful to prepare and write the full length next year for the next round if this app cycle is unsuccessful! I got the Princeton Review CARS book, and do the daily JW passages, AAMC CARS Q packs as well as Khan Academy CARS. From the tons of research I've done, it's all practice practice practice. I have a decent reading comprehension level but have also bough
  4. Yeah there is a powerpoint on the mcmaster application page now that says that the additional interviews are being added for those who applied this past cycle, were invited to interview, and then were not accepted after their "new algorithm" for accepting people without holding the interviews due to COVID-19. So original 550, if there were 100 people this past cycle invited to interview and then not accepted, goes to 650. And then says that they are unsure if in-person interviews will be possible next cycle, but if not they are going to hold interviews virtually.
  5. I think your best bet so that you have a reliable answer directly from the source might be to contact med admissions at UBC, see if you can get some legit answers there so you know exactly what your options are and then you can formulate an appropriate plan of attack per se. UBC also does an AGPA dropping some of your "worst credits" as long as the remaining credits suffice for required # of credits in applying (don't remember the number, check the website). Off the record from what I know UBC evaluates applications very holistically (fellow BC'er here!), and if you take the time to ace the
  6. First off, thank you for sharing your story. I can imagine it wasn't easy for you so I commend you on that. Secondly, I don't agree with the posts about not going for your dream. Although I do agree that your mental illness needs to be very well managed before you would be equipped to take on another degree and/or medical school entirely. That being said, there are a lot of doctors with mental and/or physical conditions that are successful practitioners, so I wouldn't sell yourself short on that. But I would definitely evaluate your current state, and deduce if your schizophrenia
  7. Yes thanks so much for the info, I have done extensive research on all the requirements for every Canadian school and have a rank list of what order I'm going to be applying in You're on the money though, NOSM is first next application cycle!
  8. hey @colta you definitely have the right attitude and that's 99% of the battle to be honest. I am 30 and have a low GPA from many things happening in undergrad and basically just not knowing how to adult after growing up in foster care. I have worked as a nurse for over 6 years, and am now working in remote and Northern areas of Canada in hopes of increasing my points in that realm, and am self-teaching myself everything to write the MCAT hopefully within the next 2-3 years while working full time shift work at hospitals, volunteering, and trying to maintain a happy life with my part
  9. I believe they are referring to the Autobiographical Sketch, a list of all of your accomplishments in various categories that most medical schools require on application.
  10. Thanks @ArchEnemy for taking the time to respond, you just resolved a ton of stress and uncertainty for me!
  11. Hey there, Looking for some insight as in the studying for MCAT stage and planning for what to do after acceptance in regards to LOC. The main problem for me I am seeing is that everything I read for LOCs for medical school say that you need a cosignor. So, I am wondering: 1. has anyone gotten approved WITHOUT a cosignor?? (i.e. I am a mature adult, have a lengthy full time working history in health care (decent $), and a decent credit score/history). 2. If necessary, does a spouse qualify as a cosignor? (if they meet all the credit score needs etc. etc.), or is a spo
  12. Hey there, I'm currently in the same boat I'm a registered psychiatric nurse and beginning self-study to write the MCAT hopefully in 2021, thanks for this guidance and any further insight into best prep materials for those with a non-science background is appreciated. Current plan is to crash through Khan science subjects, supplement with crash course videos and course textbooks that I already have for the sciences. Then I'll study with Kaplan MCAT books, etc (have done a lot of forum reading as far as advice on what to use but worrying more about fine-tuning that plan when I get
  13. @Isra The short answer to your inquiry would be: if you don't try, you don't have a chance. Yes there are specifications for each school as far as how they weigh things to weed out some applicants etc. but med schools nowadays are looking for very rounded applicants (which would not be going out on a limb to say that you are with your experience). You literally are not going to know if you'd be offered an interview, until you take the steps in applying for that opportunity. I think it was ye olde Wayne Gretzky that said "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take." Best of
  14. Newbie here, just wondering if anyone has done the MCAT recently for just the CARS? Can you literally write ONLY the CARS section? Or do you have to BS your way through the rest if you haven't done the other pre-reqs yet? Any insight would be lovely. Thanks!
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