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  1. @Meridian Hello, thank you for your reply, I am applying this year. Health Sci is one of my options but I know there is a very small possibility of getting in, so I'm opening up to more options.
  2. @YesIcan55 I can kind of see what you mean by the limited working opportunities. I have decided already though that I want to go into the medical field as a coroner, with being a performer as my backup. Thank you anyway @clopidogrel do you mean that if I choose music as a major, I will most likely need to apply more times than if I have biology as a major? @Moonlight2 Hello, I totally agree with what you said about how time management and stress is good experience. I already have a pretty decent work ethic from IB and that is definitely not something I would want to disappear howeve
  3. Hello, I am applying to university soon and I would like to stay in Toronto as much as possible. For all my life, I have always been considering the traditional route of taking Life sciences to go to Med school, but my options have opened ever since I started to play the harp. I am graduating from the IB program and I want to avoid workload stress however, I do understand that taking music as a major will require a lot of my time, I heard, double the amount as normal undergrads do. Despite that, I also play music as a form of de-stressing and I go to it when I don't want to study. I
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