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  1. Hey everyone, 

    I'm currently a second year undergrad student looking to apply for UBC this upcoming year, but I'm confused about when our prerequisites need to be completed. Based on UBC's official site: 

    "Applicants for admission to the class of 2025 must have completed all required courses and 90 credits by the end of August, 2020.
    Starting in June 2020, conditional offers will not be offered, and therefore all academic requirements to the DMD program (prerequisites and fulfilling the minimum 90 credits), for applications to the DMD Class of 2025 must be completed by August 2020, and no exceptions will be considered."

    So, would this mean that I would need to complete all credits before August 2020?  Or maybe the dates apply to the previous year???  

  2. Hey all, 

    I'm a second year student at U of S, and I'm planning to apply to next year. With the following stats, do you think I've got a shot with U of T do you think I'll have a shot at U of T or UBC? Or should I retake the DAT to increase my chances? I'm really bummed because I haven't done much extracurriculars, volunteering, or shadowing of dentists over the years, and I was planning to get some hours during this summer. :(


    AA: 21 

    RC: 19 

    Bio: 23 

    Chem: 21 

    MDT: 5 (lol) 

    GPA 3.98 (92%) 



  3. Hi everyone, 

    Hi, i'm having a lot of trouble with the keyhole section. I've been consistently practicing with PAT Booster keyhole generators everyday, and I consistently get around 12 to 15 right. However, when I do the practice tests, I find myself only getting 5-7 correct. I was wondering if you have any advice about how I can improve. 


    2 hours ago, TheMolarBear said:

    I would just register for it and do the MDT. The schools that don't take MDT won't look at your score, so it doesn't matter if you do it anyway. Worst case scenario you have to do an extra section on the DAT but, best case scenario you keep your options open for other schools. 

    It's just soaps are super expensive and I idk how long I would need to do well in that section because if I don't try then what's the point of registering for those schools.

  5. Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you guys can help me out for DAT registration. From looking at Dalhousie's Dentistry Admission webpage, they don't require you to do the manual dexterity test. Since I don't really have a strong desire to go to Alberta, I don't feel the need to take manual dexterity assessment. After choosing all the schools that I'd like the DAT transcript to be sent to (U of T, U of S, UBC, Dalhousie, and U of M. The DAT webpage says that Dalhousie is considered a school that needs the manual dexterity, and I would need to apply for the DAT in order to register? I already emailed the DAT peep but have yet to hear back, so I was wondering if anyone knows! 



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