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  1. Anyone know what the waitlist criteria was this year? I got a 25.60 on the interview and above 70 total score and was rejected...
  2. Actually nevermind, I don’t even remember anymore.
  3. I think I remember 2019 as 1:30pm? Was 12:30 in Ontario?
  4. Ahahah love the wild guesses. I don’t even care anymore as long as they don’t take til April again!
  5. It says in the post IP. And I suppose rejected interview offers?
  6. Also, this was to accommodate lower MCAT scores. So Dal is emphasizing casper a bit more and the MCAT a bit less this cycle it seems. So it makes sense that they had more applicants meet cut-offs. Also, more people would’ve been able to interview online technically though not sure if that affected their decision making.
  7. Ahh I see. So they still won’t exceed the capacity of 384. I think usually it’s around 350 so I wouldn’t stress too much about it.
  8. Oh wow. Why would they interview more candidates, but not add spots? That’s seems quite counterintuitive.
  9. I’ve applied 3 times so I know the drill lol. Honestly, just find things to occupy your time and try not to think about the wait. There’s nothing you can do. At least they won’t tell us in April again like last year!
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