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  1. Hi, seeking advice regarding whether i should take orgo and physics while studying for the mcat in the same summer. would this be ideal for getting a better score? I wrote the mcat 3 years ago and scored 511(126/129/127/129). I have yet to take university level orgo or physics. I think i'm missing the cutoffs for queen and western by a couple of points. Hoping to hear if anyone's done this and was succesful. 

  2. 2 minutes ago, Meridian said:

    Did you do full course load in all 4 years of your first undergrad ?  Full course load allows you to use U of T weighted wGPA (drop xx courses from calculation).    You must do full course load in all years to use that.   

    Have you calculated your wGPA for U of T on existing undergrad as it stands now ?

    I didn't do a full course load in my 4th year of undergrad. It was nursing, and your schedule was basically predetermined. Ive always known that would not qualify for WGPA for that reason. The hope for UofT is for them to only consider my second degree. 

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