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    Hey! This is what it says on their website word for word: 
    Applications will be accepted from students in good standing who will have successfully completed, prior to the beginning of June preceding registration, in a recognized university, three years of full-time studies (five courses per semester each per year) in any undergraduate program leading to a bachelor’s degree, including specific prerequisite courses completed with a minimum Grade of B (CÉGEP equivalent 70%). A full-time academic year where the equivalent of four (4) courses per semester is taken is accepted and counted in the cGPA calculation only if the missing course/unit is completed either as an additional course within another academic year or as a summer course. Individual courses taken during a summer session are accepted and the mark obtained is counted in the calculation of the cGPA if completed during the last 3 years of full-time undergraduate studies leading to a bachelor’s degree. 
    So i'm really thinking that you may not qualify ?   It doesn't specify if the three years have to be the most recent years, so if you've taken 5 courses during your first degree then those years may be eligible. I'm really not sure though, i wouldn't take my word for it
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    I got an interview with a CP score of 125 this year. I can't imagine it will raise to 127 next year (fingers crossed it won't be upped to 126, either...).
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    inwaiting got a reaction from lostnconfused in MCAT cutoff   
    Does anyone have a rough idea what the mcat cutoff is for queen’s based on previous years. My MCAT score is 511(126/129/127/129). Hoping this would be good enough for this year. 
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    You should be fine. Their cut off past few years has been around 509. The subsection cut-offs tend to be 125 or 126 although this year their CARS cut-off was 127. The only section that could hold you back is CP if they raise the cut-off to 127, which is unlikely tbh. 
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    What I have figured out by going through the interview invitees on this forum from last year is that, if they have section cutoffs in fact, their section cutoffs seem to be as follows: 125/ 126/ 126/ 127. And their accepted overall score has been as low as 509. So I think you do not need a rewrite at all. And we all know that they don't look at your scores past whatever cutoff they assign each year. 
    Good luck.
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    Both overall and for each section.
    From their website:
    There do seem to be people on this forum in the past who've received invites with similar MCAT scores. 
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