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  1. Is it the one in the red box? The "Review and Submit Changes/Responses"???
  2. ooo the earlier the better and having a surprise would be some welcome excitement during this pandemic ahahah
  3. Are we talking about something different? These are the posts I'm referring to:
  4. Where’d you see that? Based on last year’s D day post it was announced on the 23rd
  5. I think they actually sent out the notification email on April 23rd last year! Based on last year's posts. Where is our emailllllllllll :' (
  6. 3 weeks left!!!!!!! Man seems like such a short time compared to how long this cycle has been (y’all we’ve been at it for almost a year pls pat yourself on the back holy) but I distinctly *feel* each day going by
  7. sometimes I feel fancy and mix it up with almond butter y'know
  8. I would settle for no backpack if we could just know what the admissions decisions are already :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( this is excruciating...
  9. Thanks for starting this thread!!! It's been a looooong cycle wow. Does anybody know when UBC usually sends out the email telling us when decisions will be made? I think last year it was later in April.
  10. Wait why is orange controversial? Is there a story here LOL
  11. Jumping the gun a little, but do y'all think we'll be starting fall classes online?? And what about orientation week events? I'll be super bummed if these get cancelled, but with the current outlook of things, I think cancelling them is probably the wisest course of action. Hopefully we still hear back on May 12th hahahahahahhahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahhahaha
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