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  1. Hi, I’m going to Brunel! Just found this post , where are you from in Canada?
  2. Hi guys! For those who got an interview, acceptance offers, and/or waitlist offers for UBC PT this year, would you mind telling me your Percent % gpa’s? I’m trying to determine if my gpa stands a chance for another application round or if I should just go to the UK for physio. It’s hard to determine what’s the general gist of gpa’s when it’s on a 4.0/4.3 scale so if you guys could say what your % gpa is, I would really really appreciate it!! (% gpa’s for recent 30 credits and pre-reqs since that’s what ubc looks at I believe)
  3. I might be going to Brunel in the fall, if that’s what you choose as well pm me! I’m also from BC lol
  4. I was thinking the September start will be pushed to January. The first term of physio is really hands on, you can't do it online until you get to physiology/ethical content
  5. Usually acceptances are sent first and then waitlists and then rejections. They’re sent separately on different days because it reduces phone/email/website traffic
  6. Me too! Can you let me know when you hear back so I know that I'm not missing something
  7. I still haven’t received anything even though they said I would by mid March, I’m assuming they’re late because of the online transition they’re going through. When did you have to Brighton interview?
  8. Hey when did you hear from Brighton? They told me mid-March and still haven’t got anything
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