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  1. Lots of people got accepted and rejected with those stats this year. The interview is really important
  2. W's won't matter! and if you can pull your overall GPA up, the low grades in first and second year shouldn't matter either!
  3. Those are amazing stats! The interview is what counts now :)
  4. It’s not up to them. The first years (soon to be second years) are the ones that vote! I think it’s def a possibility esp since they had that lime green backpack a few years ago
  5. Before the votes were for fun but the past couple years the votes actually count! https://www.cma.ca/cma-backpack-medical-school-tradition
  6. There’s a few upper years in the group. I know some people that got in who haven’t joined the group yet but there should still be 1-2 spots in the class!
  7. @HongHongHong university of Saskatchewan used a different WebEx link to connect to each station of the mmi and everything went incredibly smoothly. The good news is that schools and interviewees will be more prepared to tackle online interviews in 2021 if that’s the case
  8. Do you guys think everyone in 2nd quartile is still on the waitlist?
  9. Result: Accepted Site Location: Saskatoon Time Stamp: May 15th 2020 - 8:40 AM GPA: 87% MCAT Score: 510 Location: IP Degree: 4th year UG Interview: I really enjoyed the stations and felt great coming out of it. I started to doubt my MMI performance over time but I'm honoured to have been accepted! Good luck to everyone on the waitlist and those applying this coming year!
  10. This is to gauge the amount of waitlist movement for individuals that might get waitlisted tomorrow
  11. Or you could start in Jan and take 5 summer classes if you think you can manage that over the 3 summers you will have (on top of mcat one summer). Summer classes are only 3 weeks and tend to be busy but a lot easier so marks tend to be better too. This way you save a whole year. Just an option to consider!
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