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  1. Accepted. Can't wait to meet y'all! IP GPA: 3.96 DAT: 72 Interview: 40
  2. Yeah that's how long it was taking me at the beginning too but you'll get faster. Keyhole and the harder TFE and paper-folding questions usually took over a minute to do properly. Eventually with enough practice you'll get really good at some of the other sections leaving you some more time for the sections you find difficult.
  3. Practice in exam scenarios, but also with some light background noise too! I had someone shuffling, asking several questions, humming and mumbling next to me on the DAT and I think it could've helped to practice in a range of settings to train your mind to focus on the exam only. Also don't burn through all the good reading comp exams too early. It's better to get the technique down now by doing some of the older tests or reading scientific articles frequently. But I think it would've been good to do the heavy reading comp prep closer to the actual DAT.
  4. I emailed earlier about how this will impact our admissions and they informed me that should any changes be required, they will inform all applicants.
  5. Pretty sure they look at your 4th year as well, since their website states they can't drop your most recent fall/winter from the OGPA calculation.
  6. Use the U of A scale of A/A+=4.0, I believe that's how our admission averages are calculated.
  7. We have a dent mmi group going in Edmonton if anyone would like to join!
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