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  1. wow rly? thats crazy I thought that if it said MAIN on beartracks they would have decided that it’s going to be on campus. kindof annoying since they can make a decision as late as Nov. which gives us like one month to find a place to live lol. im sure everyone is tired of these “winter term online or in person???” posts but ur response gave me some new info so thank u!!
  2. Hey every1! So this is going to seem a bit out of left field and I know we have plenty of time to think about it but I was just wondering what everyone was thinking in terms of living for Winter term 2021? I looked on Beartracks and it says MAIN as the location for all our winter term classes so I'm guessing we're going to be on campus. I've lived on residence for the past few years so I'm kindof over it but I also don't know if I want to furnish a place if I'm only going to be staying there for 4/5 months? I'm sure there will be a lot of this going around closer to Jan. but I put in a $5
  3. Kinda random but does anyone know approximately how many people apply each year? Just curious. Thx!!
  4. Just got my admission today too!! For anyone who is interested... IP student from UofA w/o winter 2020: prereq gpa: 3.6 cumulative gpa: 3.7 last year (30 credits) and 3.9 this year (27 credits, one W - becuz i thought lin alg would be doable and oh boy it was not lol) LOI: kindof cheesy tbh, just wrote eloquently about how i wanted to be of service to ppl (which isn't a lie but going back and reading it is kinda cringy hahah). also talked about different hobbies and how they kindof tied into the extracurriculars that i have (so that my volunteerism carries some sort of
  5. Does anyone know if there are practice interview questions I can find? I thought I heard from last year that there r practice q on the uni website? I might be mistaken! Thx in advance :))
  6. Have u gotten ur invite yet? My friend took it last year and said to dress professional and be confident!
  7. Hey correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure those "template letters" are just for prerequisite courses (chem 101, micrb 265, etc.). I srsly doubt they'd take the "grade" of random other courses..
  8. i can't seem to stop stressing! Could someone please tell me what my chances are for the UofA PharmD program? I am an in-province applicant! Prereq GPA: 3.60 2nd year GPA: 3.73 (10 classes total) 3rd year GPA: likely 3.75 (9 classes total) Thank you!!!
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