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  1. I agree with Kaplan + Khan. That's what I used and found those resources very effective. I would also suggest doing every practice test you can get your hands on! I started preparing in April for my test in August last year, because I was doing research full time and had very limited opportunities to study!
  2. Hi everyone, A colleague of mine helped put together a workshop about dealing with rejection in academia. It's free and I thought some people might find it helpful See below for details: What To Do When the Answer is No: A workshop on dealing with rejection in post-secondary and building resiliency Medical school, graduate school and grant applications all take time, effort, and dedication. But, the highly competitive nature of these applications can leave you feeling drained and hopeless, especially if the answer is no. This workshop will address how to deal with feelings of r
  3. I can see it if I access it through the main FoMD page, but my bookmarked link for the MD program page doesn't work. Try this link: https://www.ualberta.ca/medicine/programs/md-programs/md
  4. I also filled out all 16 entries, but two of them were <100 hours. Also, I just listed all of my research awards as one entry.
  5. I tried to write my descriptions in a way that made my duties clear, while highlighting lessons/skills. Instead of just listing my duties and then listing the skills this experience provided me, I wrote something like "I led a team of x number of people to accomplish y and z." Trust that the reviewer can read between the lines - if you led a team that accomplished certain tasks, you clearly have leadership skills. This will obviously depend on the nature of the EC you are discussing. For some of my more personal ones, I really just focused on the impact it had on me. That's just how I di
  6. From the U of A website: "Personal Highlights: Please list and describe your top five personal experiences or achievements. These can be either academic or nonacademic. Applicants are not required to reveal anything that is considered protected under human rights legislation. Please note that this section is not scored." Also keep in mind that what they ask for in this section seems to change from year to year.
  7. I just put my current supervisor as the verifier for all my research outputs because she is aware of my earlier pubs, awards, etc.
  8. My IP offer letter was created at 4:34 PM on May 6, 2020. Not sure if that helps...
  9. A friend of mine called today and the admissions office said they are still answering emails from Thursday last week! I submitted mine early last week and got a confirmation email the following day.
  10. Were you able to join the Class of 2024 FB group? I only got a link to the 2023 class page...
  11. Result: Accepted!!!! Geography: IP GPA: 3.63 (seriously) MCAT: 521 Degree: BSc E.C: Pubs and awards, long-term employment, PM me for more details if you like. Interview: I thought it went really well, but I didn't know for sure! Thoughts: Honestly wasn't sure this was ever going to happen!!!
  12. DM me and I can get you added to a big whatsapp group for practice if you're interested.
  13. I am also interested! Please PM me
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