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  1. Hey you know what, it sounds like you made a really reasonable decision!! It's way better to have a referee than to not have one at all. It's going to be so hard, but try not to ruminate on it!! You've done the best you can, and whatever happens with your references, it is not a reflection on something you did right/wrong: this part was out of your hands, and you made the BEST decision you could have made, given the circumstances!
  2. Speaking from last year, I felt pretty good on about half of the stations, so-so on the other half, and pretty terrible on my last station And yes, the wait is pretty taxing, I thought about the decisions pretty much every day lol, but I also had to juggle school and other ECs at the same time so being busy helps quite a bit It must be harder to keep yourself pre-occupied in COVID but just remember that by virtue of getting an interview, you've already accumulated a LOT of what it takes to be admitted...the pool was so competitive this year! And if it doesn't work out this year, all of t
  3. I know someone who received a below average interview and similar stats, and did not get in Then again, I'm sure there are a range of levels even within "below average", like there might be high below average, and low below average. So it's super hard to tell
  4. I thought you could apply to it if you have rural connections or rural interest?
  5. If I was asked this question, I think I'd just be honest and say that my roots are here. All my friends, family, the people I've grown up with, the places I've grown up with...they're all in Vancouver. And that's important as a physician or medical student to feel like you're at home, and to have social support nearby when things get tough. I didn't really know much about the curriculum at UBC, other than it was fully accredited and was a pretty reputable school.
  6. This document has a great list of sample MMI questions for UBC! http://science-student.sites.olt.ubc.ca/files/2014/01/Sample-Questions-2013-2014.pdf
  7. Just here to say you got an awesome NAQ score haha, what did you do?!
  8. Hey there, just wanted to share that your life does not have to be put "on hold" when you keep on applying. There are tons of students in the program who have pursued alternate careers or went to professional school (e.g. nursing, pharmacy, law) while continuing to apply. Every year, they build more and more hours of experiences to put on their application. So many people I've met are in their late 20s, 30s, and even 40s! And honestly, I look up to all of those people cuz they have so much more experience than I do and they're way ahead of me in some ways.
  9. Yeah that seems pretty key, since they don't want students starting and stopping graduate programs
  10. I was in a similar situation, but it was my academic reference. Basically, both my PI and PhD student collaborated to write the letter. It was mostly written by my PI so he noted that the letter was done "with the input of the PhD student"
  11. Perhaps just shoot them an e-mail to let them know! I think they said that if you change courses, you're supposed to contact them
  12. Yes, I'm sure they'll take the top 288 but they do have to make sure they meet the number of reserved rural/Northern seats!
  13. I don't know about Athabasca, but for UBC, some of my grades this year came out in May, even though I finished writing the final exam by the end of April. So I'm pretty sure "completion of the course" refers to when you write your final
  14. Thanks for your insight! Just curious, what other countries did you do your post-secondary education in? :O
  15. Hey there! So if on your transcript, your percentages are listed, I believe UBC Med will look at your percentage, instead of the GPA score. So what you do is, figure out the year with the lowest overall average (summer courses count towards the year you had just finished before taking them, e.g. courses taken in the summer after 1st year count as 1st year courses). Then, you find out your overall average by multiplying the percentage grade with the number of credits. Then, subtract the lowest credits from your worst year, until you have 90 credits left (e.g. if you have 92 credits, but y
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