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  1. There is no perfect selection process, but knowing that it is anonymized to limit subconscious bias and encourage selection based on merit makes me proud to be a part of this year's class And I completely agree that selecting candidates with diverse experience likely leads to the selection of candidates who are empathetic, culturally sensitive, and willing to learn. I am content knowing that I was not selected based on who my parents were (not like that would have helped in this case LOL), what I look like, what gender I identify with, etc. and I am excited to get to know all of my talented f
  2. If I am an OOP applicant, do I use my home provinces website to apply for student loans or do I apply through BC's website since I will be living in BC permanently?
  3. Anxious to be making the move from Ontario to Vancouver for only a few days of in person learning... it's going to be super isolating moving away from family and friends to sit in my room and learn online. If anyone OOP (or local!) is feeling the same, feel free to message me. We can plan some in-person social activities (following health guidelines of course)
  4. anyone who recently received their UBC student # having issues setting up your new email? The option to set up a "UBC Hosted Mailbox" isn't appearing for me (it says to wait 24 hours but its been over 48 and I haven't seen that option)
  5. Hi everyone I am feeling extremely grateful and blessed to have received multiple acceptances this year and am trying to make the best choice for which medical school I want to attend in 2020. I am from Ontario originally but am serious about making the trip to BC. However, I was curious about what the clinical opportunities are like at the Vancouver campus because the class size and city is very large. So my question is for past or current clerkship students: during your rotations, do you often feel that there are a lot of learners ahead of you and you are watching more than doing? Is
  6. Result: Accepted VFMP!!! ☺️ Geography: OOP Early or Regular Deadline: Regular Timestamp: 1:55pm EST OGPA: ~90% NAQ score: doesn't say EC's - Diverse and longterm.... part-time employment, volunteering, competitive sports, campus involvement, hobbies, etc. Many in leadership/management roles. PM for more details if curious. MCAT: 516 (129 CARS) *had to write twice Interview: doesn't say Year: 4th year UG Will be accepting ☺️
  7. Result: Accepted (Hamilton)!!! Timestamp: 8:05am cGPA: 3.89 CARS: 129 CASPer: I'm not sure since the score is never released, but personally feel this was likely a strong point in my application. I work in a job where I deal with "dilemmas" on the regular so I felt comfortable during the test. It likely made up for my 'meh' GPA. Year: 4th year UG Geography: IP Button: No Considering other offers and will be politely declining
  8. Accepted Time stamp: 9:31am EST 2 yr GPA: 3.92 MCAT: 128/129/129/130 (516) ECs: Diverse and long term... sports, employment, school clubs, research, volunteering, etc. (PM for details if curious!) Interview: Felt the best about this one, I was fortunate to get an in-person interview instead of virtual one and felt that I connected with a few interviewers during the MMI and panel Year: 4th year UG Geography: IP
  9. Result: Accepted (Mississauga campus, 2nd choice)!!!! Timestamp: 9:06am EST wGPA/cGPA: wGPA 3.93 MCAT: 128/129/129/130 (516) ECs: diverse and long term... mix of volunteering, sports, campus involvement, employment, research, etc. PM for more details if curious Essays: Tbh wrote these the day before. I did not overthink them, just did my best to be genuine and let my personality and core values shine through. Interview: Virtual.. didn't feel the best about this format and still cringe at my answer to 1 of the 4 prompts. Didn't feel that the format played to my s
  10. Result: Accepted (London) Speechless! Timestamp: 8:54am EST 2-year GPA: 3.92 MCAT: 128/129/129 Interview: In person... was a little unsure how this went as I was the first person done by 15 minutes... panel was a little unresponsive/cold but otherwise I think it went okay. Looking back, I think there were some areas to improve on but I did my best to be myself and show my critical thinking skills especially with scenario-type questions. Year: 4th year UG Geography: SWOMEN Politely declining this offer for another school
  11. I didn't get an email but I just checked my UBC online application and it was under "communication history." Strange that it didn't go to my email like usual but the update is there!
  12. was there an email or admissions blog update that went out confirming the day is Wednesday? I haven't received anything
  13. I understand the top 100 students obtaining an offer... however, its a little crazy to think that you could be ranked 101 and someone could be ranked 500 and they could get a spot over you simply due to chance. This is especially disappointing for students who may have had a mediocre GPA (no chance for academic explanation essay) and were hoping the MMI would boost their score. Oh well... its disappointing but its out of our hands. I wish everyone the best
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