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  1. Im feeling like its gunna come out in waves in alphabetical order like OP said ^^^ !!! so nervous
  2. Time Stamp: 3:55 PM Interview Date: TBD Result: Invite! GPA: 3.95 (no wGPA) MCAT: 516 (128 CARS) ECs: Research 2 summers, scholarships, volunteering at hospital and executive position in many clubs on campus and highschool, distress line Year: 3rd year undergrad Geography: IP
  3. hey how did you get the "inspect element" on Mac? I can't seem to figure it out
  4. are you able to check your OAS portal? I got rejected two hours ago and still don't have access to it :/
  5. got a rejection at 6pm, Alberta time. OOP applicant - still can not access the OAS portal to see my stats.. why is the site down for so long??
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