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  1. Thanks for this, you make a fair point. Over the past couple years, been hearing a lot of different things about the application process, and from what I had thought, I assumed a full file review post-interview meant looking past the AGPA and looking at the specifics of our application (including our courses, how we performed against the average, etc.). I had a trainwreck of a time during my second and third year especially, so I was really convinced that my GPA would stop me from pursuing medicine. I had gotten C+ grades for life science courses, so I was worried a full file review would reve
  2. I was rejected last year pre-interview with 83% OGPA and 3 years of undergrad. Got in this year into UBC VFMP with my BSc complete, 84.8% OGPA, and I assume a 86% AGPA (not sure of the exact calculation because of the COVID pandemic during my last term of undergrad). Feel free to DM me with any questions or check out my stats on the other threads. Wishing you the best of luck on your future applications!
  3. Hey OP, I was in a very similar position 3 years ago. Had just finished 3rd year with some C+ grades, a downhill trend in my GPA, with an OGPA of 83%. Applied and received regrets pre-interview. I decided to finish up my undergrad so that I could qualify for AGPA, worked hard to improve my grades in my final year and cut out some ECs that were too time-intensive and I had felt that I had outgrown. Explored some ECs that I wanted to do for myself and my growth. When graduating, my OGPA was 84.8% and my AGPA was 86-87% (don't know exactly because calculations were different for COVID).
  4. If the "50 percent interview, 25 percent GPA, and 25 percent MCAT" were true, I don't think I would have been able to get in this year. I heard it is a full file review post-interview, and my MCAT is a 514 (126 CARS) while my OGPA is an 84.8% with C+ grades in my upper years (86% AGPA). I do think I did well in my interview, but if GPA was really worth 25%, I feel like I would have been red flagged for how my GPA had such a downward trend and for the C+ grades in life science courses. From my understanding of this mysterious admissions system, I really believe interview weighs a lot more
  5. Gave my email login to someone I trusted and had asked them to check the forums for me for the entirety of the application cycle. On the day of, I woke up at 4AM and could not sleep. I banned myself from checking anything and tried to get work done. My trusted person came to me at 8:15AM repeating my name over and over again. I initially assumed I had gotten rejected since I had heard rejections were typically sent out first in the morning. It ended up being an offer to my first-choice, UBC VFMP! It's been two weeks since then and I still have yet to process the fact that my dreams are indeed
  6. Was recently accepted to first choice VFMP, will be MD 2025. Had an OGPA of 84.8%, MCAT was 514. As an applicant, I definitely appear better in person than on paper, so receiving an interview invite was the biggest hurdle. To be able to get an interview in the first place, had to really work on my non-academic activity descriptions and concentrate on the impacts I had on the different populations I've worked with. I avoided being list-y and wanted to focus on the bigger picture achievements and impacts. I also really focused on my lived experiences and struggles since I think those gave me qua
  7. I heavily echo this! It's a popular opinion that GPA is the end all, be all. However, I was accepted into VFMP personally with an 84.8% OGPA (~86% AGPA). And my MCAT was a 514, meaning overall, my academics were average/below average. Reading through your ECs, I think you have a strong set of activities, but the one thing I see missing is leadership. If I were you, I would explore the things I was interested in (non-academically) and explore what your qualities are as a leader. Leadership takes time and there are several leadership opportunities when you're in undergrad, so I can see the argum
  8. Reading through everyone's answers and of course, I agree. But OP, I feel this as well, and I still cannot seem to shake off this paranoia even though it's been almost two weeks now since receiving admission. I keep racking my brain for any reason they could rescind my offer, I was even worried about a speeding ticket I got last year! I think it'll continue to feel surreal until we're actually in school and actually a medical student. Until then, let's try our best to accept that our dreams are indeed coming true. Go pop a bottle of champagne, you deserve it!
  9. The second time I took my MCAT, I took the Prep 101 MCAT course since I knew I wasn't disciplined enough to get through all the content and practice on my own atop all my other ECs (the first time I took the MCAT, I had to void because my self-study was that bad). It was very helpful for following a guideline to study content and allowed me to focus on practicing. Overall, my biggest advice, especially on improving CARS, would be to practice and then review all questions (both correct and incorrect answers). The reason it's especially advantageous to review your correct answers is to fully app
  10. I was accepted to VFMP (first-choice) this year (2020-2021) and I am an IP applicant. Regrets pre-interview last year (2019-2020). NAQ was 50th - 74.99th percentile, and from using the inspector tool, looks like my TFR was 47; I assume my 83% OGPA came to about 19 AQ, making my NAQ score 28. FYI, IP cutoff was 52 and OOP cutoff was 63 last year. What changed? Well, I completed my undergrad and improved my OGPA to 84.8%. I was now eligible for AGPA as well, which I believe would have been around 86%. I also worked incredibly hard to improve my non-academic descriptions and fill out al
  11. Hahahaha I love this! I mean why not include DnD, it is your lived experiences that make you YOU so I fully support this. I'm sure the people reviewing your application also enjoyed it, must have been refreshing to see.
  12. Personally, I had an 84.8% OGPA (86% AGPA) and 514 MCAT score (126 CARS) and still managed to get into first-choice VFMP second try (received regrets pre-interview first try). Feel free to take a look at my stats in the accept/waitlist/reject page. Last summer, I was tempted to also retake my MCAT since I wanted to bolster my chances after an interview. But I was told that having a strong interview score can really overcome any MCAT score, so I decided to save my $300 and focus my time on improving my non-academic descriptions to secure an interview in the first place. Really glad I ended
  13. A 513 isn't a low MCAT score! Echoing what the others have said, people have definitely gotten in with lower MCAT scores. Personally, I had an 84.8% OGPA (86% AGPA) and 514 MCAT score (126 CARS) and still managed to get into VFMP second try (received regrets pre-interview first try). Last summer, I was tempted to also retake my MCAT since I wanted to bolster my chances after an interview. But I was told that having a strong interview score can really overcome any MCAT score, so I decided to save my $300 and focus my time on improving my non-academic descriptions to secure an interview in
  14. I only used family or friends if a more "professional" verifier was unavailable. For example, for an intramural team my friends and I put together, I picked one of my friends who helped me administrate the team logistics. For gym workouts, I chose a friend who I've gone to the gym with before and knows that I work out. However, for a recreational league I was a part of, I contacted the league manager to verify the hours since they seemed like the more "professional" choice and were able to verify. Regardless of friend or supervisor, I always made sure to have some sort of title for them (i.e.
  15. Second Cycle Applicant: Result: Accepted - VFMP (1st choice) Geography: IP (not rural) Early or Regular Deadline: Regular Timestamp: 8:15 AM PST May 14, 2021 AGPA: 86% I think? (not sure how it was calculated exactly because of COVID) OGPA: 84.8% (feel free to message me if you want the grade breakdown for each undergrad year) MCAT (CPBS / CARS / BBFL / PSBB): 514 (129/126/128/131) Current Degree (UG/Bachelors/Masters/PhD): Completed BSc (graduated May 2020) Interview: (no score) All over the map imo - really vibed with some interviewers, had an interviewer stifle a yawn while I was
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