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  1. No, it does not list the rural criteria.
  2. Hello Guys, I am very interested in rural medicine and I have been living and working in Chilliwack for 7 years, but I am not sure if I could include my experience in Chilliwack as a rural experience, I looked it up on the internet and noticed UBC offers one of its ICCs at Chilliwack location, does that mean it's considered rural in UBC's eyes?
  3. Thanks so much for responding, really appreciate it, I just worry a lot on my NAQs, i know that my GPA is within the range of accepted applicants but I just don't know how my NAQs are seen and asking people looks like it's impossible to find out.
  4. Thanks very much for the feedback, I guess I can't know if my EC are good or not, I know my GPA is alright but the uncertainty of EC is very concerning to me, and I am on a gap year right now and don't know if I should start a back up programe or continue taking gap years working here and there and applying not knowing much.
  5. I know it's a long post but your guys' input would be very valuable, and I am taking gap years and this would be my first time really applying, your input can tremendously help me, please don't shy away from leaving a comment. I read everyone of them. Please.
  6. Hello there, I was wondering if I could receive some feedback from this community regarding my chances. Here is my stats and would really appreciate any tips and thoughts from you helpful people: GPA: 90.5%, (Biology Honours, Chemistry Minor) IP Extra curriculars: -1 year research assistant (wet laboratory) + 2 poster presentations (160 h)+ one of posters received DEAN OF SCIENCE AWARD. (Worked on synthesizing novel compounds with catalytic potential to perform water oxidation, a green method of producing hydrogen gas, an environmentally friendly feul) -1 year vol
  7. Hi, I did have a one-o-one tutor, to be honest I am not really sure if it's going to make a change, I even have attend one of his free sessions, and he is quit expensive.
  8. Thanks, I am getting ready to prepare to rewrite it, hopefully it is the last time, I am very nervous.
  9. For sure I will definitely try to get more articles read per day and I am planning to write down the thesis for everything I read!
  10. Thanks very much, I do definitely look into doing more Washington post/Atlantic articles, but I did do a lot of Economic articles in my prep, and I have improved but I don't know if I have reached a platitude or there is more room for me to improve.
  11. Thanks very much for posting, it truly helps when I see another ESL student who's done it, it gives me hope that it would be possible for me as well. I know I probably needed 2 more correct questions to get 124, but I will keep trying and I will keep reading more to increase my comprehension. I would love to connect with you to get tips on how you overcame CARS. Wish you all the best with your upcoming application.
  12. Thanks very much for the advices, I will write it again in January, but for my NAQs I have worded them differently on my application but here I just wanted to be concise, however, I will definitely check it with a med student. Really appreciate you taking the time to respond. The problem is I don't know what else I could do to improve on CARS and it is just extremely sad it is terminating my hopes and years of hard work to first become a permanent resident to be allegeable to apply (I was international student) to get 90%+ average in an honours program and more. I don't know but I feeling extr
  13. Hi Guys, I just need some help from this community, and I would appreciate your guys honest input. I graduated last year from a biology honours/chemistry minor degree. My GPA is close to 91%. I did my MCAT this year and I got my score back and the break down of my score is 129/123/131/126 ( 509), I have applied to UBC this year but UBC has a cut off score of 124 per section so I am not receiving a full file review. My problem is my CARS score, I moved to Canada when I was 18, and learned the language pretty much over the past 6 years. I practice a lot for CARS and I did over 400 passages
  14. Thank you guys for commenting. I always read online comments and people's stats and ECs and that makes me feel inadequate and I feel I probably need more to stand out. This year is the first year I am applying since I just became a permanent resident, before I used to be an international student, I am very nervous for my ECs since I have seen people with good ECs who ended up in 25th percentile. Thank you guys all.
  15. Hi Guys, Could someone please comment on my chances of getting an interview from UBC Med. I have 91.4% average and I am in province. I did biology honours/chemistry minor degree. My extracurriculars are not great; I have included 5 awards (one entrance scholarship $16,000, the other 4 were between $500-1,000), I worked in a sunglasses kiosk for the summer, worked 4 years as a pharmacist assistant, worked 1.5 year in the university as a tutor. In terms of volunteering, I volunteered in ER, Seniors residence centre, and volunteered as an office coordinator in Canadian Cancer Society for
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