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  1. Rewrite the MCAT and I think you have a good chance! I have very similar stats to you, plus above average interview, upper quartile NAQ last year with 509 MCAT and was rejected post interview. Rewrote for 514 last summer and got in this year!
  2. It totally makes sense about lack of employment and opportunities, etc. that people are using this time to apply to school. But I guess I'm confused (and maybe impressed?) that someone who applies to med school on a "whim" already has all these other ECs and non academic components to even be able to apply. Having not the best academic history.....it has taken me a lot of purposeful organization to improve other parts of my application.
  3. Hey, I did a nursing degree as my 2nd undergrad. I went to BCIT though (3 year program), a polytechnic institute, so some med schools in Canada don't count it because it's not a "university" degree (even though you still get a bachelor's). UBC med DID count my BCIT grades though. I recommend university nursing vs college or other institutes if you are still considering medicine down the road to open up your school options. With that said, pros of BCIT was that it was easy to get high grades (90s+), lots of clinical hours, paid preceptorship, opportunity to take specialty courses. I'm
  4. Mine haven't, at least not that I know of Interviewed last year too
  5. new blog post with updated deadlines! Early deadline September 1 Submission deadline October 1 Mcat score release deadline December 1 https://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/2020/06/29/update-application-deadlines-mcat-2020-2021-information/
  6. That's so strange! With such a high GPA, you would think the algorithm for the pre-interview would put you at competitive advantage. I'd consider both re-writing and getting in touch with the reference. Perhaps looking into maximizing NAQ even further. But you should definitely re-apply again! I wish they would give us more detailed feedback.
  7. My MCAT was 509 (125/127/128/129) which was probably not enough to outweigh a GPA on the lower side (~86%). Thanks! And yeah I was able to see my scores after receiving the rejection.
  8. Has anyone gotten rejected with an above average interview? What did you improve and how drastically to gain admission the following cycle(s)? Assuming some things are fixed (i.e. GPA) but others are malleable, such as EC descriptions/additions and MCAT re-write. I am wondering if anyone found that other things such as changing references also made a difference.
  9. Result: Regrets After Interview Geography: IP Early or Regular Deadline: Early Timestamp: 7:04 AM PST AGPA: 86.78 ECs: 75th-100th percentile. Various roles within university clubs, student leadership, hospital volunteering, teaching science to elementary school students, working with refugee children, graphic/web design, personal experiences with mental health, helping elderly family member, hobbies including painting, writing, continuing education (attending rounds and lectures, etc), fitness theory instructor, ~1 year of research experience (poster presented at conference i
  10. Result: Regrets After Interview Geography: IP Early or Regular Deadline: Early Timestamp: 7:04 am PST OGPA: 84.95% AGPA: 86.78% NAQ score: 75th -100th Percentile (57% by inspect element) MCAT: 509 (125/127/128/129) Interview: Above Average Interview Year: BSc 2016, BSN 2019 First application. Also at a loss on how to improve, besides re-writing MCAT?
  11. I am thinking they are just notifying applicants of the scholarship earlier this year to allow more time for selection etc.? It is a recent scholarship, was it even established during spring of the 2019 intake? According to this link (https://www.doctorsofbc.ca/news/recipient-of-presidential-scholars-award-announced) it seems like they are increasing each year by 1 student. So 2 students will get it this year vs. 1. They aim to give out 4 scholarships by year four.
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