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  1. Hey, I had the exact same grades for my English pre-reqs and got in this year. Also, was interviewed 3 cycles in a row. Hope that helps!
  2. No problem! Should have clarified that I meant time spots not the actual spots in the class! Wish you the best of luck! Hopefully we'll survive the coming days!
  3. Hmm I thought applying early gives you an advantage on picking what time spot you like for the interview. I didn't mean that early applicants have a higher chance of getting an invite, but meant in terms of picking what time slot you would like for the interview. That's how I assumed it is.
  4. It's a matter of spots being filled up first-come first-served so I think they will send the regular invites all at once.
  5. I'd really like to know this too. Would really appreciate it if folks who got accepted off the waitlist could post the timestamp that shows on the portal for the email on May 13.
  6. My bad! I didn’t explain it well. The email sent on April 23rd was a reminder email for deadlines in June. I didn’t mean that the deadlines were earlier last year. At the end of that email there was a mention of May 10 as the date to start sending offers. Then on May 1 they sent an email that was specifically dedicated to when offers will be released and what to do if you get an offer. Based on the blog post I’m assuming that they are still in the process of making decisions about what to do with those deadlines because of the situation with COVID-19 and that’s why that reminder emai
  7. I had to send them graduation completion forms (for grad school) and received the email on April 23rd last year.
  8. Has anyone ever tried to communicate to the admin team and let them know how applicant-unfriendly their system of releasing decisions is? I'm going bonkers!
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