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  1. I also know 2 people that will be withdrawing their spots!
  2. What about if people are waitlisted? Any idea of what it would look like in the status section then?
  3. If not today then most likely next week? Given that people have to write the exam and the deposit is due on June 1st
  4. I believe it's a little faster than last year. Last year's waitlist only moved 3 spots by now
  5. Although it's still before med school acceptances, has anyone else gotten off the waitlist?
  6. Anyone have an idea of when offers are going to be released??
  7. I felt like there was very little time to think given that the questions were quite complex. My answers were disorganized and I stuttered A LOT because I was trying to figure out how to put my answer eloquently while I was speaking lol
  8. I wonder if the covid-19 situation would impact the number of people that get off the waitlist. Some med schools have either cancelled or rescheduled their interviews to an online format and Western so far has not given an update on what approach they're taking.
  9. I believe that invites tend to go out one-by-one. A friend of mine received their invite earlier in the afternoon whereas I received mine a few hours later.
  10. For sure. Definitely don't think there needs to be this degree of secrecy!!
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