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  1. Is it just me or could there have been a mistake? Am I the only one hopeful for an apology and correction email?
  2. So I was able to access it with my phone. I'm IP, my average is 88 %, my NAQ is 75th-100th percentile. and I got regrets.
  3. OAS isn't working. They probably can't send any invites rn since we can't even log in to book the interview.
  4. Or it could totally be random. Random group of people sent at random times so there wouldn't be a disadvantage.
  5. I haven't heard back yet, and from last cycle, my average was 88% and I fell in the 75th-100th percentile range. there might be hope.
  6. I hate how it’s finals season and instead of studying I’m constantly thinking about this.
  7. Also sorry guys I just looked at my invite from two years ago and the time stamp was actually 11:17. My rejection from last year was 5:38 & I think I got the two mixed up. Sorry
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